can having PTSD develope the personality intp?


Travis M. (not verified) says...

I developed PTSD at a very young age. It's hard for me to feel 100% about my answer, but it's my experience. 

I've learned new things from episodes I've had from PTSD bearing down on me. Different perspectives of things mostly. Before I developed this little struggle of mine, I remember having a more creative easily entertained mind. After developing PTSD I became very over analytical and quiet. I'd constantly question my actions (still do) in public, and analyze them at home. Toughest part is coming up with an answer so it's a daily thing. 


TL;DR I believe that PTSD changed my thought process and personality. 

margay (not verified) says...

i definitely think trauma can have a bearing on your personality, an obvious example is that it can make you more withdrawn and reactive to certain things as opposed to socially inclined. i know people might tell you that it doesnt define you, but PTSD is as much of your personality as anything else because it does greatly impact how you interact with the world and with yourself.

it doesn't necessarily mean your personality would have been different had you not been through your trauma however, there are of course plenty of INTP without it. but if you feel like you are not in the place you mentally want to be at then i think therapy can help you redefine your goals for yourself. personality afterall is something thats beholden to us, not the other way around.

a lot of people who take MBTI very seriously might tell you that "no, because youre mentally not in the right place, it doesnt mean your personality changing, it just means your TRUE personality isn't coming through" but really, whos to say what defines that? its dependent on you and your interpretation alone, you get to build yourself and it can get pretty abstract. MBTI is just a tool meant to make sense of some of the more typical things, but youre an individual so the typical things dont apply unless you want them to.

im an INFP and i suffer from C-PTSD as well. wishing you the best in your journey. ♥

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