Remember this, fellow INTJ's, that this test is not definitive. Personality is much more fluid than 16 set points and we aren't at all constrained by the category of INTJ. As objective and rational people, I hope you all will understand this the same way I do. It is quite possible for us to be extroverted in certain respects and introverted in others. We also aren't cold and calculating machines, but rational and logical thinkers. We still are human and we still feel.

Also remember that being given the label of INTJ does not turn every move you make into a calculated and rational action. We can still act on impulse and throw caution to the wind. Don't be bound by this test. And at the same time, don't become over-expectant of yourself by it. Let it, instead, shed light on your strengths.


Jean (not verified) says...

Thank you for your post. I agree that this test does not completely define me (or anyone). One of the major misunderstandings others have about me is that I am unemotional. NOTHING could be further from the truth! I feel very deeply - maybe even more deeply than others. But I don't let that make my decisions for me, nor do I allow it to rule me. That being said, there are times I can become emotional, just as at times I can be an extrovert.

Our identities are so much more nuanced than any one test can provide. But I do find it useful in explaining to those close to me why they may find me a certain way, and looking at their identifiers and mine, how we can work together.

Guest (not verified) says...

I agree. I have very deep feelings, I just have not been very good at showing them in the typical or normative ways. I am not sure why people are all expected to act a certain way to express emotion, I think it might have something to do with the majority personality type. I think that INTJs express emotions differently, but since they are a minority group, their way of expressing their feelings is not understood or accepted. What if INTJs were the majority? Perhaps people would express emotions through writing poetry or quiet self-sacrifice instead of Biiiig huuuugs.

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