This is a free site but I gladly volunteer to pay a few dollars a month because I love it. But you don't have to.
It's called "An Inventory of the Meaningful Life" and they send a weekly blog post devoted topics about such things as:
--"An illustrated celebration of trailblazing women in science, Bertrand Russell on intuition, the intellect, and the nature of time, and more"
--The art of concentration and the effortless effort of creative work, embracing contradiction and how our perception shapes our reality, and more
--Adventures in the art of being alone, Thoreau on how to use civil disobedience to advance justice, Blake's most beautiful letter, and more

And so on. All annotated with links to thinkers, poets, artists, and often --so delightfully often--to amazing children's books that boil down human complexity into sweet simplicity. Like this:

So I recommend it highly. Check it out.


Guest (not verified) says...

Thank you for sharing this. In addition to, this is my new favorite resource. Much better engaging in these epic philosophies than mindlessly scrolling through facebook :)

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