1% of the population!

Well, that explains a lot!  

Scorpio + Snake + INFJ = must be a Hell of a combination hahahahaha...

Proud to be INFJ - rare is always good, or not?

Curious seeing what type of jobs you guys/gals are in...

Also, if you could change one thing in your life, or change one thing on this tiny planet of ours, what would it be, and why?


Ewelina (not verified) says...

Funnily enough I work as a flight attendant. Love the helping bit bit seeing so mamy people every day is sooooo draining.

also small talk with my fellow Crew drives me insane.... Oh well! :-)

Hezekiah Munson (not verified) says...

I work in a freight facility for an airline in MSP.  Interactions with the general public are brief.  Small talk is kept to a minimum for the most part.  Customers that come in tend to want to get in and get out, which is perfect.  I’ve worked with the same person for a number of years and have grown to trust them with some of my INFJ quirks.  

I’ve never given much thought to how much this job environment suits me until right now.  In addition to the lack of social interactions it also provides quite a bit of down time to read.  

INFJs rule!!!  LOL

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