do entjs get depressed??


Macholee (not verified) says...

I'm an ENTJ and personally I haven't really been depressed, but depression can happen to anyone, so don't let that stop you from believing that you are an ENTJ.

Shikibailey says...

Yes Macholle is right that depression can happen to anyone,but it is heavily contextual to each types experience.
So the better question is,what would depress a ENTJ?
Not succeeding in a primary objective repeatedly. Since success is once again so contextual I can't say the specific thing that a ENTJ wants to succeed in but note if they fail once or twice they will try again and pick themselves up and maintain.But if they come to understand or are forced to recognize that their aims were for not,redundant,pointless and merely self-indulgent,without true purpose or merit and either can not see long-term desired or desirable results it can crush or eat at them.
Then from there they can be sent spiraling.
If they haven't created a real emotional supportive connection with a few people who's opinions of them mean something ,in all their busyness, they will have no one to calm them or force them to think of other viable options.
Think of a 6year old child trying to impress mom and dad by trying to make a "gourmet banquet". Trying to fry a egg just the way the parent likes ,excitedly gathering everything together (butter,spices,pan,spatula) and when it doesn't turn out tries again.the second one fails as well.the third neither.They adjust the temperature the sixth egg their thoughts of not achieving that grand breakfast where mommy and daddy say they love them and approve of their hard-work is becoming more distant and instead they have wasted so many eggs ,made a mess,and don't understand why it keeps burning or cooking but the yolk is hard.The 6yo can't ask for help or it will ruin their hard-work.Lack of a missing part of knowledge is evading Their efforts and they have physical evidence of Their repeated failures in front of them and now ,ouch, they burned themselves in frustratedly flipping that damn egg. And now their higher up Mom comes in disappointed with the mess. This is how a ENTJ feels when not succeeding in a small representative way except as a adult many poeple count on them,jobs are at stake and pride and social standing all their work"friends" are at stake. Depression sets in hard!

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