Hey, I am Ryno.

I feel that I a m not where I should be in my life at this stage of my life.Like I feel that I did not achieve enough yet. I then look back and see that I am way a head of my peers. I want to be sitting on the top level of my sky scraper looking down at my Empire and bethinking you did this. Yet I feel that will still not be enough. How would one satisfy this hunger?


Guest (not verified) says...

Hi Ryno,
I always feel the same way you do. No matter what I do I still want more and I know I will achieve more. How would you satisfy this hunger? YOU DON'T!!! That great hunger and determination is our driving force to achieve more and gain more power.


stades says...

Yup! I'm with our guest here. You never will! You're going rack your brain, & fill yourself with emotion trying to figure this out. Embrace it & keep achieving great things! #LETSJUSTBEGREAT

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