I am a 42 year old INTJ woman who needs a new career. I stupidly got a BA in Anthropology and then a Muliple Subjects teaching credential. Teaching elementary school was too stressful in terms of being around tons of kids and having to control their behavior. I was constantly sick, and not from their germs. I want to do something appropriate for my personality type now, but I'm so old! Going back to school doesn't make a lot of sense at this point.

A friend recommended that I try professional organizing. Are any of you INTJ's professional organizers? Does it suit you?

Any recommendations of ways I can work and support myself would be appreciated.



robbie.medina says...

Perhaps something related to a business could be a solution or new passion that you may have to research.

Best Wishes

J_Odinsson (not verified) says...

I Understand your frustrations, I recently quit my old job myself.
I found comfort in collecting valuables like gold, silver and antiques and eventually made a living out of it.
I get what you are saying though being a INTJ I tend to be quite organized with my business and my personal life.


Marco Awake (not verified) says...

A little late but how often does Anthropology pop up in your head Day to day or week to week.
Some ideas of mine continue to evolve from the beginning of what originally started me there....

vorpalblab says...

I am 71 and thinking back to when I was 42, a lot of water has passed under many bridges. At the time I was bi-polar and a poor prospect as an employee. With a History degree followed by a B Ed I could not handle the hasslefactor of classrooms, and worse, the administration side of teaching.

Look at what your current transferable skills are and work for yourself. Think about teaching adults. There may also be an opportunity in life coaching, or other soft counselling areas where your education is close to another diploma related work in - integrating immigrants, teaching basic skills to immigrant children and mothers. Think of a government contract or some benevolent society to approach with your ideas.

lindaselby521 says...

Thank you.

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