I'm an infj female. have you any recommandations for Hobbies and where i can find friends, they understand me.
I ve dissimulated me my whole life, but i dont like any more to be not the right "ego".
thanks a lot for answers.


INFJ1961 says...

I spend a lot of time reading and writing. In the last several years, on a quest for self-improvement, my reading has consisted mostly of non-fiction stuff, including MBTI, spirituality, personal growth, etc. I also write songs. I used to just write lyrics, because I don't play any instruments. Thanks to technology, I am able to make recordings. I've kept a digital journal since January of 2006 and just this past week hit the one million words mark.

As for finding friends that understand you, I am of little help. The one person in my life who understands me best is another INFJ, and we now live in different states. I used to really wish people would understand me (okay. Sometimes I still do). I've since found it more important to understand myself - which has helped greatly in my interest in understanding others. I'm about to turn 55 and I am still discovering things about myself, so I can't expect someone else to "get me," especially when I know I can be rather cryptic.

Before writing, I dabbled in drawing. I took some art classes in college, but I discovered I was possibly artistic, but not creative. But when it comes to writing, I can be quite creative - especially with my songs.

Have you looked over the summation for INFJs under the Personality Types section on this site?

INFinityJane (not verified) says...

I am an INFJ type and I enjoy anything that can keep me busy while still being either helpful to others and/or beneficial to myself (spiritualy or physically). These personal hobbies include: Martial Arts (Jujitsu), Dance, Music, Volunteer work, Art, Cooking, School Drama Program, Hiking 14ers, and anything that shows me the beauty in life and helps me to grow as a genuine person with a purpose.

Currently, I am a Junior in High-School and I enjoy philosophical and moral discussions because I love to hear the different takes that people have on a single topic and how they reason their positions. I am working towards a career in the medical field to study Cognitive Science and then become a certified Mental Health Counselor. 

As far as finding friends, I would first work on being the best version of yourself and along the way, you may find that you relate to people that you thought were totally distant from you. School, work, and even the park or a concert are great places to meet new friends and people with similar interests. In my personal friend group at school, we have a smoothie of personalities because we are all so different and that is what makes us such great friends! Another thing to consider is that  lots of "friends" is not what you should be striving for; many times, being in the situation of having only a couple true friends is far more beneficial to your relationships because you can get to know them better personally and there is typically less drama and there are fewer fake "friends". Keep in mind that I personally am not considered popular by any means (in fact very shy and typically quiet) but I have learned that just by being kind and honest with yourself and putting yourself outside of your 'safety bubble', you will find that you have more potential friends than you think you do. 

Good luck, and I hope this was helpful!

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