I see quite a few people (mainly guys) complaining that ISFJ is a 'girls type'. While it's true that females are more likely to be our type than males, it bothers me that some guys are upset about being placed into this type. Is being sensitive and compassionate offensive if you're a guy?

"Whether male or female, the ISFJ typically adheres to customary gender roles, and dutifully takes on the corresponding household duties."
This quote was taken from the relationships section of the ISFJ page. I can't see how this translates to "this is mainly a women's personality...."



ISFJ in Seattle (not verified) says...

Girly type?! Not me, either. I really love collaboration, though. I would be inclined to admire a man who's an INFJ.

rmcgowan3 says...

Strength comes from knowing yourself. We need more men who are not afraid to men, being sensitive and compassionate does not mean that you are not strong. Above all else it shows that you like yourself enough to be a man around (men) who are trying to show that they are manly. I would not care what anyone else thinks as long as I am true to who I am. Not trying to prove anything, to anyone. Above all else be true.

pukibeth says...

I'm INTJ, and this caught my interest as our behavior is typically considered "not feminine." I can only think this: They probably don't even notice these key words: "Whether male or female." Otherwise, it's easy for someone to assume that it's a girly type. When people hear "household duties" you think about what's to do at the house, i.e. stuff like cleaning, cooking, etc. The part that says "adheres to customary gender roles" doesn't help at all. But when you add the piece they could've accidentally ignored, you go into it thinking, "Okay, this is a boys case... follows the traditional boy gender role... his duties are stuff like working, protecting, etc." I should know what I'm saying, this accidentally happened to me.

ayorkf says...

I'm an INFP. It's mostly just a case of men wanting to seem more 'macho' because alot get ridiculed for size and other things. Some have a hard time speaking like myself but there is a big idea with guys that you have to be manly to get in the mephorical pants.

milesmo13 says...

I am an ISFJ. Enough said.

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