I am labeled an ENFP. Artist by nature. Formally trained, too. But now I need to make real money but also do something that will fulfill my need to have a meaningful relationship with the world. Anyone have a job like that? If so, share. BIG Thanks!!!!


Jillian (not verified) says...

What about an art therapist?

Guest (not verified) says...

I am ENFP as well and have always been a decent artist growing up drawing, doing graffiti, building stuff and fixing bicycles. I knew I wanted to create but was a natural at connecting with people so early on I went in to customer service and hospitality. In my late 20's after successfully working with people, witnessing the interactions with "everyday products" up close... customer flow, the furniture, the lighting, the Art, the Graphic signs... Unlike my associates I could just see and recognize what worked and what didn't.
I always knew I was pretty good at identifying with others peoples perspective almost as if it were my own... to empathize. And add some well honed "dreaming muscles" or vision and I was ready for just about any situation or outcome. Not a bad thing when you're a restaurant manager in downtown Boston within walking distance of multiple convention centers.
Now I was planning on going back to school and my girlfriend picked up a book for me- "Discover What You're Best At". The one and the same that I just noticed on another page on this site! I answered all the survey quizzes in the book and it suggested that I would make a great "INDUSTRIAL DESIGNER". A mix of Art, engineering and psychology... "product solutions". " The who, what, where, why, when and how".
Years later I am loving being able to apply my past "end user" experience as a product designer and after multiple tests I found out that my thought process is most associated with an ENFP personality. Cheers

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