Yo ISTJs! Anyone out there that can help me understand and work with an INFP?


Sophia (not verified) says...

Hey! It's a bit late, but maybe this will help.
I'm an ISTJ and my sister is an INFP.
You have to remember that INFP's are going to be much more sensitive about their and others feelings than you. They want to be loved, encouraged and accepted for who they are. They need to feel appreciated and taken seriously.
They are usually good at telling what others are feeling, and are really good at lie-detecting.

SleepingLionRoars says...

Thank you Sophie, I will try to keep this in mind.

gabsterthejoy1513 says...

I am Sophie's INFP sister. Hello. :)

In all honesty, I think the best way to help you understand an INFP, is to ask an INFP. No one can give you the full scoop on our brains like we can.

Yeah, we are fantastic lie-detectors. To work with an INFP, be real with them. As creepy as it sounds, we can read all the emotions written on your face, however well you try to hide it. Yeah, we're also extremely sensitive. When you're criticizing us, if you could do it in the most positive, gracious way possible, you might save yourself of (and the INFP you're working with) a LOT of misunderstandings!

Another super important thing to remember: INFPs are passionately convicted. When we set our minds to do things, we will move mountains in order to get it done. We also hate being confined to rules, and mundane schedules. Give us space to work creatively, even if it doesn't make sense to you! Let us do things our own way, because for whatever reason, we chose THAT way. It might be the long way of doing it, but that's what makes sense to us. We have reasons we can't explain with logic... that's where our Fi comes in.

Other pointers:
-We need to feel reassured often! We need you to tell us we're doing a good job, or we'll assume we're failing.
-DO NOT PUT US IN THE SAME ROOM AS AN INTJ. I swear, it's a recipe for disaster.
-Tell us how you feel about our project. That might seem an alien concept to you, but we really want to know how you feel about we're doing.
-We need deadlines. We need a lot of them. If you don't give us a deadline, the project will be done 3 months late.

Hope this helps! :)

sewhappy2spin says...

OMG, this made me laugh so hard! I'm an INFJ married to an INTJ, for 25 years. He is most definitely my BFF and has been since I was 18. However, sometimes he drives me INSANE! In a lot of ways we are very much alike and have a strong appreciation for similar things, but the man needs to be more sensitive. He does try though, so I give him that. :D

At his office, they have had all the management take the Meyers-Briggs tests. Many people have difficulty with one of the managers who is INFJ--because she is super sensitive (more so than me!), but she gets along famously with my DH. He knows how to work with her! I told him he is very welcome for the training.

Guest (not verified) says...

hi, i scored as an INFP january this year when i was going through a major meltdown in my life (nasty divorce) but i took it again when i was more emotionaly stable and confident and scored an ENTP, does anyone know why such a huge discrepancy would come about. thanks in advance

noelle.a.west says...

This is mainly because tests aren't very reliable... It's best to look into the cognitive functions. This will help you find what type you truly are. You don't usually change types, you develop your type throughout your life. So, you may seem different from then and now, but you've just changed. Plus, if you are taking a test in a terrible state of mind, you'll get terrible results. If you put crap into your work, you get crap out. Anyways, it is best to research the cognitive functions instead of relying on a test. The tests are just to get your feet wet.

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