I am an intern and am extremely uncomfortable with having my photo taken for the company website. I missed the chance to let my boss know this and he expects that I will join the staff to take photos. He has carefully planned a day for when everyone (firm of 12) will be in the office (all interns and new staff hires). In the past my boss has mentioned my shyness/quietness as a flaw so I have been worried that telling my boss about my aversion will further negatively affect his opinion of me. I know that to other people taking photos and having them online does not seem like a big deal/this comes with being a team player, but I have been stressing over this for weeks thinking about my options and the pros and cons for each.

At this point I could 1. just take the photos and deal with being uncomforable/try to forget about it afterwards or 2. try to get out of it by having a 'family emergency' come up.

option one is the most straightforward and in the best interest for me career wise (i may need to work at this firm again later), but knowing myself, i will irrationall agonize over these photos later. 

option two just makes me look very unreliable to the employer. My last day of the internship is when the photographer is scheduled to come. I would be missing the last day of my internship...



Archenbach (not verified) says...

Hello. I've never been in such situation in my career life before, but it has happened to me for many times in my personal life, so I can understand your feeling more or less.

I don't know what's the reason for your uncomfortableness but I'm sure there's (at least) one behind it. So in case you don't know, try to figure it out first.

Next, I want you to think in a middle or long term, not just for this moment. What could possibly happen if my photo posted online AND what could possibly happen if I avoid it? Again, I don't your reason, but let's say if your photo is posted online, someone dangerous like a stalker or abuser may harm you so your security is also in question here. If that's one of the case, consider talking to your boss or HR so they may hopefully find you the best way. If you don't think it will give you negative impact in a middle or long term, try to brace yourself up and accept the opportunity as a challenge to develop yourself!

Wish you a good luck!

withonor (not verified) says...

I don't mind being in group pictures, but I will absolutely not pose for a individual picture/head shot. It's happened very often in my career where they want a picture for whatever reason, usually awards like manager of the month and what not. I straight up refuse because I'm not comfortable with it. You want to see my face, come find me in person. I don't want my face posted where I don't have control.


It would be best to just be honest and let him know that it makes you uncomfortable. It might be a good idea to teach him a little bit about your personality type. One one of the personality websites, either 16personalities.com or psychologia.com, they have a page that explains why you should hire and INTJ. You could print that out and give it to him.

TomStarStar (not verified) says...

You have to look at it as a piece of the puzzle in the materplan!

These pictures are there so your co-workers can link name to face. Better linking makes for better memory for most people. For your career you never know who will be your future leg-ups, so play all the horses.

Never, and I really want to stress, NEVER tell your boss you do not want to do something because of your personality type. If they care about personality type difficulties they already know and will not ask you. If they don’t know it will not help you professionally.

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