I own a small successful business that inherited from my father, based on my isfj personality, I get the sense that I am not capable of expanding the business. I'm confident that I can maintain this long established business but at the same time worried that maintenance alone isn't enough. I say this because I have been running this business for 6 years and don't see much growth, and kinda feel that my personality hinders growth. Any thoughts.



JAS (not verified) says...

DB, what a blessing to have a this legacy from your father! We can't be experts in all areas, consider enlisting help to grow your business. The Chamber of Commerce may offer workshops on this. Good luck and God bless you!!

nickmthom says...

My thoughts exactly, recruit some help, get a partner.

milesmo13 says...

Absolutely, I agree with the aforementioned comments. Yes DBD1816 what a tremendous gift to receive from your father. He sounds like a very generous, big hearted man who loves you very much. Six years is a long time for a small business to stay afloat. This Christmas, how about sharing that love and giving it away to others? Show the world and your dad what ISFJs are truly made of! Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

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