Hi, this is my first post. Im a 28 yr male who has been a painter and decorator by trade for almost ten years and have now moved on to working for a company with over 200 employees that paint massive high rise construction. In the last 9months I have been asked and I accepted the role of Work Place Health and Safety Officer. I get paid more and the boreing mind numbing workload is over. However this position has forced me outside of my comfort zone big time and the major problem I am facing is talking in a big group (say 10 people or more) mainly people with high authority or people who know more and have been around longer than myself. I've had to really change my personality I feel like I have to pretend to give a f*#% and really take control of my own work load. I can tell though that my INFJ traits work really well in terms of being proactive, problem solving, note taking, one on on consultation ect. I no longer can be quiet and just chill out on my own and work all day but now Im constantly having meetings with people, deals with massive safety issues that cause huge construction shut down, I do get abut nervous if it's with a lot of safety officers and building supervisors with a lot of knowledge and a lot older than I am. I just find it hard sometimes to speak up as I get social anxiety or status anxiety I guess if I'm not confident in what I'm saying against more knowledgable people. I really need to switch on when I'm at work now but it has been good though I don't anxiety as much as I use to as I'm constantly talking with people which helps me out a lot rather than confining myself and just working with my earphones in all day. What are people's opinions on this type of career in relation to being an INFJ? I am really looking at opening some sort of business in the very close future to leave my current job and do something that suits my purpose. At the moment I make very good money so I'm saving and plotting to do something that suits me. My hobbies and interests are boxing, health fitness, bodybuilding, cooking, I'm big coffee connesuir and enjoy eating out a lot, the beach and travel. I am a qualified personal trainer but I'm not into hassling clients and putting on a pretend face every day as I have done this part time years ago.


INFJ1961 says...

Hi there and congratulations on your first post! I don't come by here often anymore, since there doesn't seem to be much activity from other INFJs.

I imagine with the new job, you're burning through a lot of energy. Yes, as INFJs we can take on many different things and tasks, but doing so for prolonged periods of time takes its toll. I was a flight attendant for 11 years - definitely not a job for an INFJ, but I did it well...most of the time. At the present, I am pursuing charting my own path of doing something I've loved doing for years: writing songs and producing recordings. I haven't struck big yet, but I'm much happier for it. In addition, I'm about to look into some other forms of work that will allow me to bring in a decent income while I continue to build my catalog. It will be something part time that pays well, and it will allow me to be by myself most of the time, and interacting with only a few people per day, and probably one at a time, or no more than two.

I wish you the best!

milesmo13 says...

Hello friend,
Hope that you had a great Thanksgiving. I have been measured as an ISFJ, however, I do have strong NF inclinations as well, and I can empathize with your frustrations. We introverted feeling types need to find an outlet that releases a creative flow. In other words, if painting is what you are passionate about, then your work will release your creative juices, wouldn't it? If it is incredibly boring and mind numbing work that bothers you, then perhaps you need to ask yourself, what then are you passionate about? If you are in a company of 200 something people, then that it a lot of people to supervise! Have you ever considered yourself to be a teacher, mentor or perhaps even a friend to those you work with? This is where the feeling aspect of the INFJ temperament really shines through. However, based on your writing style, though, it somewhat appears that you may even by an NT type or an intutive thinker, no?

Best of health and happy holidays!

Oag91 (not verified) says...

Hi there,

Your problem is exactly same as mine. INFJ as safety officer. I'm stick for this job about 3 months because they pay me quite handsome money.

The problem is before going to work, I need to switch to my other self. Engaging a lot of people constantly on daily basis really drain my energy out. For time-being, I'm just pretending care about the worker. And hope that everything is ok and do not need to engaging them on the entire day.

As I'm progressing through out the safety operation, I learn bit by bit everyday. I'm start to know personally about the engineer, officers and the workers. I'm feel comfortable with familiar faces rather than the new one. I find that, I can confidently (little bit) give tool-box briefing by preparing the topic earlier and be the "extrovert" version of me. Yes, it is tiring. I'm already worrying about tomorrow tool-box session just after I finished one! But it needed to be done to grow myself. I take this as challenge. Maybe I will stay in this profession about 3 more years before changing to my interest on academic research. The industrial experience is important too so that I can relate real-life problems into academic research.

Godspeed bro!

Marko1 (not verified) says...

You have a great gig and it seems INFJ friendly, why would you want to mess that up to open up some risky business that will probably fail? You seem new at the job give it some time, it sounds like a good fit for an INFJ once you get through the first couple of years 

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