My question is have taken the MBTI Test many times before and the results that got were INTP and INTJ. Most of the time I fall in the range of the INTP family but once in a while i will test into the INTJ group. My question is that since i can do both, can those types fuse together to work with each another or I am able to switch between gears for both those personalities. Because when u break it down, the INTP consists of introved thinking and extroveted intuiton while the INTJ uses introvted intuiton and evxtorted thinking. So these personalities dont share any common functions but they are both in the intellctual group with ENTP and ENTJ becuase they share NT. This querstion is been spinning in my brain for the last couple days. It will be much appericated plus much gratitiude if i can get answer to my question. 


carla ruiz (not verified) says...

From my perspective, I have learned about both and I can see a lot of similarities in both personalities obviously. I test as INTJ but the percentage of judging over prospecting is by 2% which I feel is very close to being 50 - 50 so for me to be like INTP in certain situations and INTJ in others makes sense to me. This is my theory for it makes sense, say if you were to be 50% introvert, 50% extrovert. you are very balanced between the two so you can relate to both but if you happen to be about 80% introvert and 20% extrovert then you would be very different from one type so there wouldn't be much of a relation to being an introvert. 

ThreeBlackSevens says...

Well, you're not both per se. You may be very borderline, and have highly developed Ni Ti Ne and Te, but you'll at least have a slight preference for Ni-Te or Ti-Ne, if you look close enough. I'm kind of in the same boat, a little more INTJ though.

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