I really do not know what personality type this about!!

I know someone (a man) who took the test and the result was very confusing and somewhat concerning. He has 8 different personality types to choose from. Does anyone know why this would happen?????

He said he took the test seriously and was not joking around.

I would really appreciate some answers. Thank you.


Truity says...

Hi Shirley!

If he took the free version of the TypeFinder test, there's a simple explanation. Because this is a short assessment, it isn't always able to determine a person's type conclusively. In the case where the type is borderline, the results will show all the possible personality types. So if a person is definitely NTJ but borderline Introvert/Extravert, their results will show them both INTJ and ENTJ.

In your friend's case, it sounds like 3 of the 4 dimensions were borderline, so he got 8 types in his results!

This doesn't mean he has 8 personality types. It just means that the test itself wasn't able to find the best type for him. He can read through the 8 descriptions to see which one suits him best, or he can take on of our more in-depth tests to get a more extensive assessment.

shirleysolderer says...

Thank you for the response.
This is a very complex person. I know him very well and for many years. I have seen what I believe to be 4 distinct personalities, 2 of which are not pleasant. Does your explanation still stand?

kennhinds says...

I personally had my roomate take the test. I watched him take the test. Many of his answers were untrue/un characteristic of him. So what is it. I know that it took me close to five times to understand how to be honest to the test. The test i hope will grow and become more defined

marcosfabrication says...

If "if" I can just add this. I had taken a paper test like this as part of a job interview. Then I came home and tried it online. Had gotten a result and tried the same or similar test on other sites, the results are the same I have now read about other results and assuredly I like some others way better than my own ,I know that its a small representation of a much larger picture, seriously "mastermind". Ok maybe, but not as ego driven as other personality types may see it, and besides there is enough pressure from others not understanding "fix it" ideals etc..

Kevin an INTP (not verified) says...

This test seemed pretty well put together ( IMO). I've found that some of the free, online, Myers/Briggs based personality tests have poor wording to questions. This one seemed fine. The problem with any MBTI based test or most other personality tests are that they are "self report " tests. It takes a great deal of HONEST introspection to accurately answer the questions. For some people it can be hard to give answers as they actually ARE, as opposed to how they WANT TO BE, or how they want others to SEE THEM. A person who is highly introspective and knows themself very well will get a more accurate result than someone who is not this way.

In cases where people score inconsistantly and get different personality types, I think they need to spend more time thinking about the questions. They need to spend more time in self-exploration, thinking of how they actually act and feel in different situations. They need to imagine themselves in many more examples of scenerios and look for patterns of their behavior in the past. They need to get to know themselves.

Personality assesment is a journey. It's a journey to get to know yourself. People shouldn't get hung up on the type descriptions and take every word as fact. In many INTP type descriptions ( I'm an INTP ), it describes us as liking sci-fi, comic books, and math. I don't really like those things. I'm more interested in things like phylosophy/psychology, art/music, hunting/fishing, and building cars. While my list of likes is different than many in the INTP type descriptions; through study I've learned that the underlying mental processes that lead me to them, and to approach my hobbies in an INTP manner are the same.

If someone is getting inconsistant results in MBTI (or 16 personalty test), they need to spend more time #1 doing introspection, #2 talking to others who have experience with MBTI, #3 learning about the underlying functions theory and mental processes the tests are based on. After doing these things the type descriptions will make more sense. After taking this journey a person will know themselves better and can have confidence in the test results. If someone is unwilling to put the work in to get an honest picture of themselves, there really is no point in doing a personality assesment.


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