Is it just me, or do other people here have trouble making a point in conversations. It is as if people go out of their way to misunderstand me. Even worse, no matter how many times I say I am no smarter then anyone else, I am told that I think I am smart and everyone else is stupid. Sometimes I say people are retarded to make a point, but I dont feel that way and make sure to say so. I know it is not the majorities fault their reasoning is impared. It just sucks when I say the truth about things that are going on instead of making excuses for the law and all the other bull. My girlfriend would say I am being negative when the truth is, I am the only one who thinks something can be done about the law and everything it destroys. I don't want to be right about anything. I just want to no what is real.



Mathias says...

ciao Mark, no you are correct, the same happens to me, please stop and think that most people are not able to understand you as they are not gifted and what is obviously obvious for you its not for others, it happened to me you are stupidly judged and keep out of things..

i already posted a comment where we all have to reunite us and make people come to us, not the other way around; people must need you, THEN only they will evaluate your personality.

i know it s sad truth but latins used to say  dura lex,sed lex.

let s keep contact.


ENFP Lady (not verified) says...

Been there - still doing that! I think this is worth gathering like minds who understand to share their strategic approach of overcoming life  struggles that are personality related.

Jason says...

No one is a mind reader. We basically must interpret based on what people say and do and compare that to our inner concepts. When the two don't match, we tend to assume there's something wrong with the person, and this invariably tends to be an assumption of less intellegence. We forget that their inner concepts may be different, and if we knew of it then their words and actions would have more meaningful context.

Your words, even in a single paragraph, contradict themselves. In one sentence you say, "I am no smarter then anyone else." Then you follow almost imediately with, "I know it is not the majorities fault their reasoning is impared." My reaction to that last sentence would be to assume you think you're smarter than everyone else (well, most, anyway).

From a logic, fact-based perspective, it is not true that the "majorities" have "impared" reasoning. Humanity wouldn't survive if that were true. Which also means you're not always sticking to " . . . the truth about things that are going on . . ."

In short, I'm not picking on you or attempting to insult you, I'm attempting to make you aware that your language expresses contempt for people in general which is why you often get negative reactions from them, and are left thinking they misunderstood you. To be understood requires development of effective communication, not an insistance that others learn to read your mind.

Hope that's helpful.

Trinity (not verified) says...

yes, that happens to me too

Laura4 (not verified) says...

I also think most people filter what we say through their emotional "F" or judging "J" faculties and therefore misinterpret us entirely.  A fact we state as true (to us) is detached from emotion and what we believe to be true. Its simply just a fact. I think a lot of time we are seeing reactions based on an emotional or judgemental attachment which is not what we meant.  Example: My mother sewed me curtains that were 4" too short.  I told her- the curtains are 4" too short and she was insulted and got angry.  I was dumbfounded because they were indeed short- it was not a comment on her ability to sew or her design talent. *rolls eyes* This happens to me all the time.  Its refreshing to know it happens to other INTP's as well.

Guest (not verified) says...

if this happens, arguing is waste time + drain your energy, ignore + walk away, you wont get any improving response, let them think whatever they want. this is what i would like to suggest. 

Nuker89 says...

I agree that the majority of humanity are stupid, to a point. Crowd control is easy. But that isn't my point. People (especially in today's world) have a lack of understanding for what is actually important, and run off to pop culture and whatever they feel like they want to do. It's not necessarily that they are stupid, but perhaps blinded by whatever they are daydreaming of becoming. You are very rare, an exception to society, very smart and seeing through the orders, laws, and bullcrap of society. So discuss your opinions with people (do your best to avoid accidently insulting anyone, my brother does that alot and it always spirals down into hell) and be who you are. The best way to avoid misunderstandings is to study the person(s) carefully, try to understand their emotions and where they stand before you say anything. Whatever happens, be who you are, not what society wants you to be.

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