INFJ's have ya'll been diagnosed with Avoidant personality disorder or Dependent personality disorder, or Social anxiety disorder?


dunkie22 says...

no..but I have been diagnosed with ADHD, cyclothymia, and an anxiety disorder. I take medication for the cyclothymia. This also helps with anxiety. I am seeing a psychologist that is teaching me mindfulness. I have found this to be very helpful. As for social anxiety, from what I understand, some of our (INFP) traits make being in large groups a bit stressful.

nabeeha22 says...

Okay so I know you were referring to INFJs but I'm an INFP and I do think we have a lot in common. I have depression and as I've gotten older my social skills have regressed a bit. I am still close with the friends I've made before, but I now have a more difficult time making new friends. I come off as shy and the odd one out while meeting a new group of people while I'm in within a group that I'm not too close to, so I suppose that pushes away from me. When it comes to meeting someone new with a friend I am comfortable and close with, I don't converse with the new friend unless I'm with the close friend I was with at the time of meeting the new friend. I've developed this bad habit of treating newer friends as acquaintances. I don't really say hello {partly because I'm blind, partly because I'm not in the mood} or start a conversation when I see them in a hallway or bathroom or anything like that many times and because of this many people have actually wondered if I disliked them {which is totally untrue! I love people!}. Overall I'm not a very social person and don't feel the need to converse with people. In addition, a lot of times I get scared that I'll sound like a fool because I'm not very good, depending on who I'm talking to really, at expressing my thoughts orally. Other times I don't know whether or not if the person will like what I'm talking about or think I'm boring, overly-philosophical, confusing, strange, crazy etc. I'm also not a very confident person which affects a lot of what I do. I'm quite awkward. Some people admire who I am and I have no problem talking to them and some find me nice and admirable but very uncomfortable. Also, I guess I've never been big on public speaking but about two years ago I took a public speaking class that helped a bit and I was alright but now at this point it's terrible. I get extremely nervous when speaking in front of a group of adults {I'm sixteen}and I have an awful time expressing what I want to say and sound like an unstable mess that can't speak properly. I think I could go on and on about my social interacting troubles that I have. Like I said, some friends like me and say "oh she's just the antisocial one" Others, especially newer friends feel awkward. Some friends are able to fill my silences so they don't find them awkward at all. Some aren't really discomforted by my silences. Others are discomforted and unable to fill them I suppose.

Guest (not verified) says...

Social anxiety for sure here. For me I know contributing factors include my upbringing and current life situation (too socially isolated for too long with a partner who is very dependent on me, allowing for precious little time to myself). Yikes!

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