I am trying to learn more about us fence straddling I/E NTP types.  My NTP scores were very high, but my E is extremely low so I appear to swerve in and out of each type, or, more precicsely, I tend toward s being an INTP that likes to debate or an ENTP that prefers to spend time solving complex problems. Is there any information available that explores this duality?


Wwilson (not verified) says...

If you really enjoy debating you're probably an Entp. But given that your E is very low, it may be a confidence thing? You do enjoy being around people right? It just takes time before you fully develop your E. I used to be very very shy before but now it's completely the opposite. Entps like solving complex problems as well.

Andrew 44 (not verified) says...

I am an ENTP but borderline, like you. I think it’s because I lived alone in Montana for ten years when I was younger and just got so comfortable being alone in my head all the time. I can turn it on in social situations and command the crowd, but really it’s boring and draining for me and more like a performance. I prefer my own company to most, and I love to mull problems over in my head as exercise. I can argue with anybody, though, abd usually have to push my way into them. I wish I was more sensitive to my wife. I hurt her feelings often when I don’t mean to - in fact I think I’m being considerate, but alas - no dice. 

Just try to be comfortable in your own skin, listen to your own voice and don’t take any wooden nickels! 



INTPexpert (not verified) says...

I'm an INTP and I work for an ENTP. He has a pattern of going out and extraverting, talking to coworkers and collegues of every department, debating and asking a lot of questions about an issue, and then he will shut himself up in his office and process everything and come up with a solution. Myself, on the otherhand, I will introvert- research everything first with books, internet, etc., process it alone and formulate an opinion/solution, then go to others (only a select few) to see what they think, then introvert again and revise as necessary. Think about your own process and you'll find your 'default'- wether or not you're an introvert or extrovert. 

TerriRobbins (not verified) says...

Look idk man I'm in the same position, but u see I like debating but I aint like talkin. Ill only debat with a select few freinds who also are introverts who like debating. Its like around people I trust im extroverted, but when I'm not I'm very shy.  Any explenation (that Is'nt so long it can't fit. I often have to do a second page in my mind when im thinking :3)

EpicPollon (not verified) says...


I am an extreme 'I' and what I notice most in the standard difference, as well as a lot of the comments is that the 'E' will want to question why you do not see things our way, with genuine curiosity. Whereas the ' I ' (in my extreeme case) normally understands that it is a mute point and will not come accross correctly. So we go on our way and check out. Terri - I think you are an ' I '  it is very common for and I to be very E in the company of friends or people they admire. Original Guest, you are probably, like you said, both - if I had a statement to make, it is that you are in fact, more E - you love your alone time; but that is because, even as an E, you still need time to process all the inspiring views of people around you, as well as find ways to debate that they are incorrect!

Andrew44 - I think perhaps you are borderline because, like you said, you live in a smaller place... and maybe good debate is just hard to find. Even the best ENTP gets frustrated when people just won't change their mind or work to understand. You need to find some like minded ENTP's or possibly and good old ENTJ to have a good healthy argument with every once in a while.

DamienP (not verified) says...

I'm on the borderline of E and I aswell.  I see it as progress I've made in my personal development.  I used to argue anything with anyone (very E) but I noticed it was a strain on me, my relationships, and my time.  I realized that most people tie their identity to their beliefs and will very rarely accept criticism of those beliefs because you are challenging their identity.  Now I only debate when I have some tangible stake in the outcome which has really eliminated everything except work related conversations.  Even then I have come to only debate with people who have some pull or could make something happen and refrain from debating with people who aren't in the right position.

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