INFJ - the rarest of types.

Male INFJ's - even rarer.

Gay male INFJ's - rarer still. And my ideal match.

Now I have an answer to the question, "how is it you're still single???"


Guest (not verified) says...

I'm a gay male INFJ. Talk about feeling like a fish out of water! I get overwhelmed (overcome?) by emotions often. I feel things so deeply. Add to the mix having grown up in a ultra religious, hypercritical family and I start to understand why I've spent so much time in a psychotherapist's office. At 54 years of age, self-love is STILL an issue. But I've definitely made progress. Any gay male INFJs relate?

INFJ1961 says...

On the fairly rare occasion that I do become overwhelmed by emotion, it tends to involve conflict with someone else. On my own, my emotions run deep, but I tend to do a pretty good job maintaining them by exploring what I'm feeling at the moment. I believe self-love is rarer than you might think - true self-love, that is. Congrats on making progress.

John Hall says...

As a 65-year-old gay male INFJ who came from a very dysfunctional and eccentric family, yes, I do know what it is to feel rare, and how difficult it has been to find a partner. That said, I have overcome so much in my life and that sense of overcoming has added much to my self-esteem. So all those hours in a therapist's office and studying psychology have actually been a catalyst for a more enriched life. I believe when the right guy comes along we will both be lucky.

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