INFJ - the rarest of types.

Male INFJ's - even rarer.

Gay male INFJ's - rarer still. And my ideal match.

Now I have an answer to the question, "how is it you're still single???"


Guest (not verified) says...

I'm a gay male INFJ. Talk about feeling like a fish out of water! I get overwhelmed (overcome?) by emotions often. I feel things so deeply. Add to the mix having grown up in a ultra religious, hypercritical family and I start to understand why I've spent so much time in a psychotherapist's office. At 54 years of age, self-love is STILL an issue. But I've definitely made progress. Any gay male INFJs relate?

INFJ1961 says...

On the fairly rare occasion that I do become overwhelmed by emotion, it tends to involve conflict with someone else. On my own, my emotions run deep, but I tend to do a pretty good job maintaining them by exploring what I'm feeling at the moment. I believe self-love is rarer than you might think - true self-love, that is. Congrats on making progress.

John Hall says...

As a 65-year-old gay male INFJ who came from a very dysfunctional and eccentric family, yes, I do know what it is to feel rare, and how difficult it has been to find a partner. That said, I have overcome so much in my life and that sense of overcoming has added much to my self-esteem. So all those hours in a therapist's office and studying psychology have actually been a catalyst for a more enriched life. I believe when the right guy comes along we will both be lucky.

Jaym16 (not verified) says...

Yup.. And then theres being in the closet which makes things more complicated. Ive long accepted that even I understand everyone around me to the best of my abilities, I myself would never be fortunate enough to have a chance to be understood. I wish there was someone to talk to about this stuff.

Jacob83 says...

Makes 2 of us. The closet can be so dark and lonley but stepping out into the light for some of us is too risky not only because of our personality type but also because of our family and freinds religous envirnment. 

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