Hi All!

So i'm a full blown INFJ and i'm just going to get straight to the point (hopefully haha). I graduated from college with a Bachelor's in European History, moved to Budapest, Hungary to teach english (kind of liked it, but I had to be "on" all the time, which drained me and also the pay was terrible), then i started a position in telesales that i hated and only lasted 7 months. Since then, I've come back home and started living with my parents, which makes me feel unaccomplished and defeated. Currently I'm working at a ski shop in Iowa to occupy my time but it's definitely not the right thing for me. I love to help people and feel like i've made a difference in the world for the better and am infatuated with all things european and would love to live there for the remainder of my life and learn any european language.

But to be honest, I am completely lost - especially in terms of my professional career. I have friends in Krakow and Budapest who are willing to refer me to customer service oriented positions, but i dont know if this where i can start to find where my true passion lies.

What I do know is this:
-I love to help people and make a difference
-I love all things European (I'm probably the least American person you'd ever meet)

Any help would great to hear and I could not possibly express my gratitude for it. If you need to know more about me just ask and i'll be happy to tell you!


The Baron (not verified) says...

Can't wait to hear what you guys have to say!

Guest (not verified) says...

Have you considered looking for a meaningful volunteer position in addition to a job? Just in case the job takes a while to materialize.
I find (as a teacher) I don't end up feeling appreciated at work - but my school volunteering gives me a great community of people.

The Baron (not verified) says...

Well the thought has crossed my mind. Recently, I've been contemplating volunteering for the Peacecorps and then joining the UN at one of their European offices - it'd be a way to learn a language, enjoy different cultures and also gain some pretty valuable skills that could be transferable to whatever I wanted to do next. Thoughts? I just thought of this yesterday....

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