Im looking for chat, or place to exchange ideas with others INTP persons.


Hillaker99 says...

If I'm not mistaken this is a chat and people can exchange ideas here
What are you looking for again?

lokey456789 says...


Andy Haley (not verified) says...

I've just discovered this evening, I am an INTP... And I'm Looking to connect with other INTP's

I've just started a retail sales job. Apparently not suited for an INTP and oh boy don't I know it.

I am struggling

The article I have read describes me down to the finest of details. Below describes me. I would like to connect with people that have the same agenda

I have a small group of close friends but I'd rather spend time with each friend alone, even though we all know eachother.
I overthink everything and struggle with small talk.
I can't listen to someone without thinking about where my hands are, I try to keep eye contact although it's hard to maintain.
If you talk to me, it's all or nothing.. My answers are exactly what I think of any situation and if I don't know what your talking about then I have no answer. Awkward.
I Can have high emotions and can sometimes get offended easily. I don't take to well to someone laughing at me unless I am trying to be funny which is not very often.
Some would see me as being weak and there attitude - oh it's only him, boring, He doesn't have much to say, easy to wind up.
I have a fear of failing, and consider myself to be unless I drastically changed career path.
I am seeking new career advise and would really like to hear of anyone else's Experiences !!


yeeshin99 says...

yo. INTP here :D I have the EXACT SAME PROBLEMS as those u listed!! yesterday my friends and I went out and one of them commented I have a habit of putting my hands on my hips. I didn't even realise until he pointed it out. So I tried not to do it and it was so freaking awkward, my hands suddenly felt 100x more conspicuous now that I wasn't doing anything with them! And yes I struggle a lot with small talk as well, it can become super awkward when meeting new people, unless they're friendly and are good convo starters.
I'd really like to meet u, sorry if it sounds creepy (: I'm not working age so I cant advise u much on that tho.

Guest (not verified) says...

I am a classic INTP.. but a female, which I am told is extremely rare. I have worked on the purchasing and sales side of business and have been very successful on the sales side... so I really don't think it will have much of an effect on a sales career. I DO find that it presents a whole host of problems on the relationship side, however. I know women are hard enough to understand, but a female INTP just makes it worse! haha! I am a classic overthinker and despise small talk... I am also very sensitive and take things personally more often than I would like to. I do find that as I age, my reactions to things are diminishing though.... maybe I'm just getting tired. :)

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