How many of you are single and living alone?
I'm finding it really tough to be alone.
I am thinking of getting a pet to keep me company.
I have a computer at least, but I also don't drive, so I can't just drive anywhere.
Any tips would be welcome, struggling right now.

Hayley x


kennhinds says...

Single and Alone=Yes
A pet is awesome yet it is also a big thing. I got a dog to help myself, and now my pups being around kinda heals me. why dont you drive?? where you from??

Lori Hopkins (not verified) says...

I would definitely recommend getting a pet. I'm a cat or dog fan, but others are great too.

I like dogs if you're struggling with solitude. Dogs are always happy to see you. Dogs live with and exude enthusiasm and hope, when they're loved and comfortable, I think. I find that good for me.

If you can't drive, please think about how you're going to care for the pet's needs, such as getting food and veterinary care. You should have a primary plan plus at least one back-up plan, in case things go wrong.

I recommend getting an adult animal. That means 18-24 months old minimum, in my opinion. They're much calmer and yes, they will attach to you just fine. You'll mostly be able to skip the destructive puppy chewing/kitten curtain-climbing stages.

Rescues and animal shelters are great sources for animals, but almost all will charge adoption fees. Those will range, maybe $50-500. Rescue groups will have a process of asking questions and verifying things. They want to ensure that their animals are placed with thoughtful caring people who have the resources to care for their animal (food, grooming, veterinary care, accessories, etc.). Hang in there, cooperate with the rescue or adoptive staff, if you go that route.

If you don't, buying a puppy through a reputable breeder could cost as much as $3,000, for the more popular breeds. And if you bear the costs of the dog's shots and veterinary visits, that often adds up to $500-800 quickly.

Let us know what you get!


dunkie22 says...

Cats not kids! Hayley, can you walk to a place where some people are? I have a girlfriend and two cats. Even though we live together, I like to spend lots of time alone in my "cave" with my cat. I spend too much time out in the "world", so having time alone is important to me. However, when I want to be with people or a person, I can.

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