What if after trying her best to regain harmony, ENFJ has to give up on a person? It certainly is the worst feeling as this type puts her ideals into action and don't give up on people. How to deal when you have finally come to this point of sadness and hopelessness about a relationship?


Sarah1111 (not verified) says...

Use your N and J as much as possible. As an ENFJ who absolutely tries all avenues of working things out, and a champion of lost causes, I know how disappointing it is to invest so much time, energy and passion into a relationsihp and see it not work out. Remind yourself you tried your best and that some things are beyond your control. What was in your control was how much you could give to this relationship, without harming your own self (thats important, and we lose sight of that sometimes). ENFJs feel that they can work out everything if the put enough energy into it - but sometimes life and events and other people have their own paths to take. I hope this helps. 

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