Trying to start a facebook group for ENFPs so 'we have a virtual space to connect with people who understand us (when we often feel like weirdos in every day society), to understand ourselves more by talking to one another (when our actions can so often feel infuriatingly inexplicable in every day life) and to share ideas and opportunities with people on the same wavelenght.

Please use it to share links, start conversations, ask questions, create debates, seek help, give advice, say any random randomness that pops into your head or just simply observe people being awesome like you (although you probably won't do that last one because you ENFP so you're gonna get excited at some point and join in ;) )

And if nothing else then at least you will know there is a place where you are not alone :)


Guest (not verified) says...

I was so excited to see the link, but the link isnt working!!!:(

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