Does the law profession makes an INFJ happy, fulfilled?

Does it suit the type and does it emcompasses the strengths, abilities of an INFJ?


cnn (not verified) says...

Yes it can be. The key is finding the right area and having enough variety to stave off boredom. I have been a lawyer now for 4 years three of which I have run my own firm. I can't really work for any one else need to be able to practice law in my own way a more holistic approach but it is definitly a good fit if you want to help people, problem solve so on and so forth. Family law which is what I do can be hard when you are working in a stubborn system but it's not impossible just challenging. 

Charis Murrey (not verified) says...

I think the only thing that can truly satisfy anyone is Jesus Christ. However, as far as jobs go, do something that you're good at and that interests you. Law might help you with your humanitarian efforts, but don't be limited by your type. I am an INFJ and am interested in Forensics Anthropology. I admit I am also interested in law, but don't feel like I have to give up Forensics Anthropology because it is not in my personality type description. If you are interested in law, go for it!

Sahmiya (not verified) says...

I am an INFJ and at one point considered it but was convinced I am too sensitive and yrs later I'm grateful for that advice. There are many roles in law enforcement (psychology, guard, officer) so it just depends on the person's goals. There is not a lot of change in the field, not many options to express creativity. But intuition is usually very strong with INFJ and it may be a benefit.  Since MBTI is not hard science and self reporting there are no hard facts and no two people are a like, they are tendencies and patterns . Goo luck! 

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