As I have come to find out, I don't typically like sharing personal things with people unless they are in my very small circle. However, I saw a video on YouTube and got intrigued so I took the assessment and it said I was an infj. Immediately i watched more videos and read up on what that meant. And I just have to say, for me it made me instantly feel....... Lighter! For a long time I felt very disconnected or alone almost, I felt like i was so right that I was wrong, if that makes sense. That's not to say I think I'm awesome or right about everything, I just felt like I was making the right choices for the right reasons but always found myself alone in the way that I thought. It was just great to see that I'm not alone and that I'm not a narcissist lol. I always felt very confident with myself and my approach at life, but lately through a relationship and just everyday life I felt very much like I had been doing everything wrong. I guess I just feel better knowing that I am 1% but not 0%. Reading up on this and watching the videos just made me feel better about myself and helped me understand myself a little more I suppose!! Thanks to anyone who takes the time to read this!!


Mathias says...

Hi , i am new here and i didn t know there could be an explanation of my personality, i also found out on youtube.

well i had as well the feeling of being lighter, as  i always felt disconnected too, though being very well connected.. i always saw most life situations so clearly taht i felt disconnected seeing that most don t see and can t see... well. as i said we should all create a website where our gifts are sold online.. like a service..everything is sold on internet, till the most stupid useless thing, so why not our personalities in order to help who cannot see...

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