The wild is the only sanctuary for those like us. Without that a garden may do, or a church, or fresh air or the darkness of night, to help endure daily life.

But beyond society there is something beautiful, dangerous, real and true. It's called 'the wilderness'.

And if you don't like to gamble with your life, much of nature really isn't that dangerous or significantly more so compared to say the city ghetto. More to the point, nature provides you with this thing called life, and so much of it that it is virtually impossible to miss it. -Unlike society that dulls your intelligence and smother you until all that remain is a perverse city-dweller.

Take a hike. Go camping. Do yourself a favour and save your own life, by living it, before its too late. More and more, so that your soul may soar.

I recommend it with a fondness that I should call 'love for nature' and that only another lover of nature would understand. Also with the love for life, that any crazy risk-taker may pursuit.

This thread is to encourage you to go into the wild. Go for it, you know you want to. What else are you gonna do?

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