Hey I'm a 16 years old teenager girl and I recognize myself in every world said in this website. I'm looking for my path but I know that if I don't choose well my job, I'll never be happy in my hole life so I was asking myself what kind of job fits with INFPs? I don't see myself self as engineer in 20 years, I know I won't be happy this way, I need to do something that will bring a meaning to my life, something that will worth waking up every morning. I'd like to precise that I'm a writer since I was 11 years old, but I don't want to make it a job, it's my passion and I don't want it to be something more. Please help me find a job, a career thanks to your epexeriences as INFPs !


asakim26 says...

Well first of all you are really young to decide firmly about the career you wish to have for the next 20 years.
My tip is that in order to find what is important for you it is essential to know yourself better. For example what makes you angry, happy, thrilled in a way that you are willing to give up sleep in order to gain couple of more hours work on an issue.

Now to actually know yourself better i suggest that you will try to gain personal experience as much as you can from trips, jobs, books you read, hobbies that you will develop etc.
I can totally calm you down that I'm 25 years old in couple of days and sometimes I'm not sure of my self what i would like to do (although i study law and about to finish degree next year).

The last issue i would like to answer is that your assumption of career to INFP's is narrowing your possibilities. While you experience out there don't think you do that as INFP who is trying to find a job, do it as a person who would like to know how she feels about certain things [which is actually using your dominant function FI :)]

The main reason I suggest not to think what is your type while you experience is that on few types [if not all of them] hold stereotypes. For example, INFP's don't like to be or to criticise. However you may discover that it is not the case for you [stating this stereotype as an example, obiously there are many more you should avoid] and maybe a job as critique will be joyful for you.

Anyways hope that you find my answer helpful and informative.

linouchi19 says...

Your answer was really helpful thank you. However I'll have to make a decision about my college studies next year and I think I am going to follow your advices. You are right about what you said, not every mentioned word is right about me, your example is true for me, I have no problems being criticized at all.

dunkie22 says...

College is the place where we often find ourselves. I only knew that I wanted to help people. So, I studied psychology. Humanism immediately grabbed my attention and represented my feelings about life (very INFP). While studying psych, I was in the mood to do volunteer work. I heard this ad on the radio that said this training center needed volunteers. It turned out to be an institution for those with intellectual disabilities. While working there one day, I ended up in a unit where the residents were very low functioning and quite aggressive. I can remember it to this day, I felt this incredible feeling that told me this was my "calling". So, I transferred to another university and changed my major. However, being a slow learner and ADHD, I taught, was a cop, taught, ended up joing the Navy and being a strategic weapons officer on submarines, and then I got out after 12 years and began teaching special ed. I knew then that my reason for existence was being a teacher. I got my masters and also began teaching at a local university. I had a student in my class that said she wanted to be a speech-language pathologist. However, when I had a personal talk with her, she started crying. That was not what she wanted. She wanted to open her own daycare center. So, I gave her my advice and told her to do what she wanted. It is so important to be happy. So, live, try different things, and find out who you are and what you are meant to be. Remember, as you grow older, your thoughts, desires, and visions can change. So, enjoy life. Let it play out until you find yourself.

caddored says...

I agree, you being an INFP shouldn't dictate what job you have. I'm like an Engineering Technician, something that is listed as one of the jobs not for INFPs, but I love it. I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life either and I couldn't stand spending money to help me "find myself" in college, so I joined the Army, found out I have an affinity for electronics and the rest is history. But don't limit yourself. Volunteer in places you might like, and explore your options.

P.S. Please don't think the part about college is a jab, it's not. Just personal preference. My grandma was always telling me I should go to church to find someone to marry, but I refused because I think you should be focused on finding God while in church, not a mate, but some people did. Again, just personal preference.

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