I find the page very accurate. INTP personality is very rare 3% of men population is intp and only 2% of women are of this personality. I would like to talk to an intp just to perceive things from another point of view. If someone meets an intp i think that person is definetly lucky.


lexie.white says...

Hi! I'm an INTP! At least, I usually am. I fluctuate between INTP and INFP, however I'm more inclined to say that I possesses dominant introverted thinking than dominant introverted feeling, the main difference between INTPs and INFPs. I'm always available to chat, just so long as it isn't idle small talk... that's definitely one of my greatest weaknesses and makes me very uncomfortable, much like all other INTPs! I'm very interested in MBTI and would love to exchange ideas with another INTP :)

Pranav Ghandade (not verified) says...

I really  have nothing to say to you........... cause all that i ever could is already told by you well thanks for saying my lines, they are exactly my words too.

Thanks again for letting  me know that i am not only one of my kind/type

stevj84 says...

INTP here! But less than 1% to Extroversion so I can be an ENTP too. They are both very similar is just that sometimes I'm out-going and other times I want to be alone with thoughts. I love to talk too. I love controversial subjects and deep conversations.

whatever (not verified) says...

if you were an entp at times, your entire function stack would be changed. we can all be extraverted at times and introverted at others, but as i have heard, introverts can spend more time in introverted states than in extraverted ones and vice versa. i heard an analogy, once, with batteries--when an introverted type, who has more introverted batteries, runs out of charge, they must draw upon extraverted batteries.

anyways, to be an entp at times, your dominant function would be an e instead of an i. your dominant function's "small letter" (which can be either e or i) determines your first letter in your type name (for example, INTP).

i changed my mind, i'm not actually going to go into the specifics. your function stuck would be changed, that's all you need to know. instead of Ti-Ne-Si-Fe, your stack would be Ne-Ti-Fe-Si. learning more about the theory is really rewarding, i have found--if you like systems.

Guest (not verified) says...

Hi! I'm an INTP and I'd love to talk about Myers Briggs and being an INTP. I find Myers Briggs and the human mind to be fascinating. I am being an introverted thinker now and have no idea how to end this message... So bye I guess...

khoshekh says...


I'm definitely INTP, however, I also had results crossing between INTJ and ISTJ.

I'm guessing it can also depend on my mood that day?

Not sure.

I don't soley base my personality on the MBTI, to me it's more like a guide to help me find suitable jobs and basically what makes me tick. I suppose. 

Sort of like horoscopes for Psychology, it's fun to read and I find it interesting.

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