hey so i'm 17 and an INTP and iv'e always felt very childlike in my ways of obtaining information and working stuff out in my head. I've felt inferior to a lot of people and i thought it was my relationships but it's not because i left them. so now im just wondering if INTPs can grasp what's happening inside of us? i just feel overwhelmed in my own thoughts and no one else seems to be. it could definitely be because i'm young, but it hasn't changed for a number of years, in fact, it's gotten more difficult to understand myself.

I just wanted to see if it was more or our personality type


kennhinds says...

Instead of questioning and looking for an answer. Try Questioning, and then look at your question. More than Likely the answer is the question or lies within it. If you are truly an INTP you'll understand your faults yet probably won't accept them, even further you may want to excuse them with things that others can easily grasp, only to take the light out of u. Try stepping into the light, i know it's hard but try it

Bard says...

There's a saying in a group I attend, "Don't compare your inside to someone else's outside." Maybe no one else *seems* as overwhelmed in their own thoughts as you feel you are, but it's certain that a lot of them are.

I'm an INFP myself, so I'm more familiar with the challenges of that type, but I'd say that being introverted and intuitive, and a perceiver rather than judger, does open you up to a flood of thoughts and impressions. And to feeling inferior, too, maybe, since our society tends to recognize and value a more extroverted action-oriented approach to life.

Don't take this the wrong way, but this old guy does think this could have a lot to do with being young. Seventeen is not an easy age, and it's not surprising if it has gotten harder to understand yourself--your own mind and your world are getting more complicated. Be patient with yourself; things will sort themselves out more as you go along.

Jasper_Trapped (not verified) says...

Both of your comments make complete sense. And both give me a lot of comfort. Thankyou a lot guys! !i'll definitely refer back to what you said when i'm freakin out inside my head :P

Bard says...

Glad we could help. :-)

Alex&ra (not verified) says...

I am curious- exactly how are your methods 'childlike'? In what way? I'd like to know, given that I've a somewhat similar situation- and have frequently wondered if INTP is even mentally -psychologically- human or not. 

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