Anyone else INTJ w/ADHD?
I'm a mid-level professional and recently came into a realization a career change is in order. Corporate redundancy is dricinf me crazy. Would like to open a thread with others experiencing the same crisis..


Guest (not verified) says...

I'm close friends with an INTJ who has ADHD, but he's young. His main struggle is keeping up with school--brilliant kid, but requires far too much novelty in his environment to stay with the curriculum.

Are you from 16Personalities?

Sar (not verified) says...

I'm a female intj with adhd. I was an unhappy maladapted child but eventually came into my own. Once I learned how to use the wonderful double edged sword of hyperfocus things really improved.

Charlie_WJ says...

YES! I am a professional female INTJ with ADD. I am extremely unhappy with my career. I would love to be able to use my very expensive education, skills and experiences towards something more fulfilling. Yet, I have no clue where to begin.

SpaceCase (not verified) says...

I'm another mid-level female INTJ with inattentive ADD. Definitely agree that learning to leverage hyperfocus is a major advantage. It also was major to learn what work environment suited me best -- I seek out small creative agencies now, where I am noticed for my strengths and contributions and get a lot of variety and high-level strategic thinking ops, and can see direct impact on my company from my ideas and efforts. Bigger companies, or companies that didn't have the flexibility to jump at new idea, left me miserable.

But the best thing I've done for my professional career (and life in general) is to find a creative outlet outside of work that is completely my own. For the past 7 years I have written speculative fiction novels on the side, and the joy of this creative process has made me feel more satisfied with everything else in my life, too -- especially when I see my efforts there grow into published works, etc. Highly recommend finding your own passion project!

Mike K. (not verified) says...

I'm an INTJ w/ADD (not ADHD). If you haven't explored medication options for ADHD, as well as the other types of support available for attention disorders in general, I suggest you do so. If you have explored your options in this regard, then you probably know that an INTJ w/ADD (or ADHD) is like Sherlock Holmes, while such an INTJ off his/her meds is more like a (distracted) Myscroft Holmes. Career changes are difficult and I wish you the best of luck there; your detached analytical skills will be useful as you negotiate this process, and I would recommend you use them early and often throughout. Good luck.

- Mike

1969GTO (not verified) says...

I was diagnised as ADHD at 48 and am solidly an INTJ.  Firstborn into a religious and academic family, my grades and lack of completed tasks at home led my parents to see me as insolent.  They chose not to spare the rod, for fear of spoiling the child.  I was beaten until 17.  I secretly could not read.  At 19 I started a business.  This was a fit.  I do not believe that I could function as an employee anywhere.  ADHD and abuse is terribly scarring, and I don't know how much of the abuse contributes to success as a sole propriator.  I do tell a lot of people to work for themselves, including 'normal' people.  I believe that my diagnoses have benefitted me.  Art and music are an essential part of my day, and I get tasks done.  I am of the belief that 'we' have to be in a positive work environment.  The clarion cry that we have heard all our life of 'not good enough' of our work, or our selves is destructive.  Forty or more hours a week is a lot.  You deserve better.  Love yourself.

Holly Glaser (not verified) says...


Im 65, diagnosed w adhd at 58, dyslexic and Intj. How can you do math when  digits in numbers change place values? Reading is easier because it has to make sense. I learned to by working at intensely after school by myself through first and into second grade. Yes, always told not good enough because I could surprise myself with brilliance randomly.

I never fit in; I was not what my parents expected a daughter to be,always told 1960 X was not for girls. They wanted a girly social success and, no matter how well I did something, it was another occasion for blame about everything else.

About age 7, I knew it was up to me to decide what to do as the advice I got didn’t work.

I read everything and enjoyed logic but was miserable at math. I encountered programming in 1970 and the logic made it intuitive. I always had to teach myself by creating a structure and poking in details where they belonged. I can’t take unrelated details and make them into anything. I drew constantly bcs I think in picturesAnc I had got be outside.

I took a vocational test / result was outdoor,mechanical & scientific jobs.

I did coding, did natural science workshops, databases and when I was laid off on 2001, decided to do GIS: maps displaying info from a db, sql and spatial processing / nearest, within etc. I could do that in my head and visualize process like a movie. Maps were so much fun. I did that until I was 58 and everything fell apart.



MTPR (not verified) says...

Professsional 48 y/o female INTJ with ADD. Maddening. I can’t seem to find my place in the world. 

Artemis (not verified) says...

I'm a 21 year old woman, INTJ and was recently diagnosed with ADHD (mixed-type). It's maddening, because I both over-analyse so many things, but don't focus enough to absorb the necessary details to fuel this behavior, unless I hyperfocus.
Like a commenter above, I find a lot of relief in writing fiction, as a way to dump all my ideas without having to talk someone's ear off for hours on end. Having the results right in front of you is satisfying too. When I get the focus to actually do it!

I figured this out pretty young, so I can work around it. I'm just worried about how this combination of traits is going to affect my work life. Currently, I'm still studying, which is great for me, because learning new things and skills without having to commit to performing said skill every day is like a drug.

LaurenH (not verified) says...

I’m an INTJ woman and was diagnosed with ADD about a year ago (I’m 31). It was an interesting journey. I was a great student and always made good grades. I never got in trouble or had any issues focusing in high school or college. As I’ve gotten older, I started struggling with overeating and overspending.

I went to see a counselor to try and get help. She asked if I’d ever been diagnosed with ADD and I looked at her like she was crazy. She described the less obvious symptoms and just told me to think about it. About a week later, I caught myself doing several of the things she mentioned. When I saw her next, we talked about how my personality type may have hidden the ADD for most of my life. However, she wondered if that my food and money struggles could be a symptom. This was her theory: My struggle with food (and money to an extent) increased as automatic structure decreased. In high school, i had teachers and parents setting my structure. I had more freedom in college, but I still had class and loads of homework. Perfectionism is alive and well in my mind, so I always wanted to please teachers.

Once I graduated from grad school, the type of jobs I had allowed me to be in control of my own schedule and I had very little supervision. That’s when the real struggle with food, managing free time, etc. started. I’m taking meds now and it definitely helps, but I’m also having to unlearn a lot of bad habits started in my 20’s. 

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