I'm an 22 year old INTJ female. Right now I don't have any friends. I just graduated from college, and while there everyone around me seemed very shallow- just wanted to party and go on Facebook, etc. Could somebody please tell me where I can go to make friends? I've browsed through Meetup, and every event on that seems too general. I would say that my interests are very particular. I've also never been kissed or in a relationship. 


Lovely (not verified) says...

How particular? What are your interests?

It's hard to find people you want to be friends with as an INTJ female, but it's possible. I have a hard time making friends too, but thankfully I have sisters and for the most part we are close. I'd say be open to finding a friend that might be really different from you. One of my best friends is extraverted and very social, but her openness and how genuine she is meshes well with me. We've bumped heads a few times because of our personality differences, but I wouldn't change her and she wouldn't change me. I met her through an organization we were both in, so if there are any orgs in your town you feel strongly about, that's another good way to meet people.

Guest (not verified) says...

I'm INTJ .24 year old. Life is too short. Make your own big schema to impress people around of you. It will be fine.

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