I'm 17 years old girl and a junior in high school. Currently, I am in a class where I get to do rounds in a hospital. So far, I have really enjoyed the lab and CT. So, about me. I am an INTJ and I am very shy. I like quitness and order. With all of the characteristics as an INTJ would working in the lab be good for me? I am afraid that it might be too repetive for me, since I am a problem solver. Please help fellow INTJS!


Isuri (not verified) says...

Will just working in a lab be enough? I'm also an17 years old intj girl. I have really big dreams.It's natural to be wary about such a thing. I'm also very shy but currently I'm working on it. I can't get used to people but since I feel kinda Superior towards others I can talk and work with them. I choosed commerce as my future subjects. I wanna be in a place where I can do everything.My parents, relatives,friends and everyone around me are against my decision but who cares? Don't ask for others opinions even they are intjs.You know what you want to do.

Guest (not verified) says...

Hi, I'm INTJ as well, and didn't realize that until I was in my mid-20s pursuing a Ph.D. in chemistry. I now work as a chemist at an energy storage company in the San Francisco Bay Area and I really enjoy the field.

Laboratory work in high school is not the same as laboratory work in the workplace. There will always be problems to solve at work (in a company or at hospitals), even if there is a clearly-written set of procedures to follow. But there is some level of heirarchy. Usually, those with a bachelors and sometimes a masters are the ones who have to follow the guidelines set by those at the top. Usually, those at the top have Ph.D.s or M.D.s depending on where you work. That being said, it doesn't mean that you can't voice your concerns and challenge the ways if you think there is a better way of doing something. 

I definitely encourage you to pursue the sciences because we need more women in science! But know that you always have the option to do something different later on. I have friends and colleagues who receive degrees in sciences but go on to do something totally different like business and finance. Your INTJ character traits give you an idea about your thought process and how you arrive to conclusions. Your life experiences will inform you of what else out there you might like to do. Be patient with yourself. Give yourself freedom and time to think about what you might be interested in doing.

Good luck! I'd be happy to answer any other questions by email.

Guest (not verified) says...

As another INTJ female, I encourage you to test out Accounting and Business classes. The world revolves around business and for me (an English major with an emphasis on literary theory), it was an eye-opening experience learning the language and structure of commerce. These areas of studies are relatively easy to understand... though I admit that I could not stand Economics!  

Even dipping my toes in the introductory level of those subjects has been invaluable in the way I position myself in everyday worklife.

If you have reservations about taking those classes because the stereotypical representation of a business person is a chest-thumping, gregarious and a networking monster, be assured that there is no character requirement to be that type of business person. I prefer to work in intimate teams of 3 or 4 (I gravitated to working in smaller companies) and I feel at home in my role in Operations. One last note: in my own experience, I found that whenever I joined a company/team/group, it took me around 3 months to become acclimated with the group and understanding the culture of the group before I felt comfortable enough to begin engaging with authority and contribute to the group/system with confidence.

Above all. Have an open mind about your capabilities, challenge what you think are your limitations, and follow your instincts for learning, and you will maximize your special abilities to analyze, problem solve, and contribute to your community, your family, and your sense of self-enrichment and worth. 

Welcome to a world of possibilities through independent exploration outside of high school.

Finnegan Grey says...

There are some great responses, above. It sounds like you are interested in and good at science and math, so stick with it. Regarding lab work, just remember that the routine testing of a clinical lab in a hospital is different from other types of lab work, such as that in a research lab, or, to some extent, with forensics. If you are more excited at the thought of discovering new things, thinking about research may be the way to go. This is a great time to be getting into the life sciences, if that is your interest.

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