I'm high school and is looking for a good career path. I'm an introvert(obviously) and thought about several factors in looking for a career because I was anxious about my disadvantages of being one. I've realized that I've been critical about choosing. It was one of the priorities these past months. I had been suggested by my parent's to think about accounting-which I later found was the first in the career list listed by the site. I wanted a job that would land me to work in another country. I know I'm adaptable to different kinds of environments if I can help it, so I had my eyes on jobs like that. It's been a dream since I was in middle school. I am open on/towards different high paying jobs because I'm an only child, so I HAVE to have a stable job. I'm struggling to chose between academic or something that touches around art since I'm a bit of a dreamer too.. even though I know very well which I need to choose among the two. I don't want to regret anything in choosing, moreover waste money on career paths I have no interest in doing/continuing.. Whenever I found a suitable job/ career it was hopeless in finding job offers around the country. It isn't demanded in the 'job market' or have a promising payment...
This struggle makes me stressed out. Looking at others who already thought about what they would like to do.. Moreover the constant rejection of my parent's from the choices I told them to..
I feel like no one is supporting me. I'm thrown in a box without doors to get out to. Suffocating from this pressuring situation of making a big choice form the heavy options that would change ones life.
I need a hug.


Cave Johnson (not verified) says...

I too am having a job crisis, so I understand how you feel. I believe that I am younger than you (sophomore high school student) but do not let that change your opinion on my advice. Ever since I was 7, I wanted to cure cancer. To this day, I still have that dream. In the past few years, I have been thinking about how to reach that goal. It went from pathologist to biomedical engineer to finally medical researcher. The thing about medicine is that it will always be in demand, and some of the places you can go to are incredible. I think that you should become a (medical) researcher also because of the opportunities you get, and the help you are doing to others. I am not too sure about the pay but, I am very certain that you will someday be able to go to research stations outside of the country you are in. Being in a small team is better than haveing to know new people every day. You will inevitably get to know your colleagues once you stay with them for a while. There are downsides to this though. You will not be able to persue art and you will have to be committed for a very long time to your job. Also, I hope you are very good at math and science, because you are going to need it if you plan on making it as a researcher. If all else fails, becoming an accountant does not sound that bad (I actually thought about becoming one). If you need any clarification, feel free to reply. It should send a email and I will try to respond as soon as possible.

KCN (not verified) says...

I didn't know I'm an INTJ until I almost finished college. You're ahead of me. I have always been a dreamer, or so I was told and I'm proud to say that I'm fairly successful in my career of accounting. I can see the intricate and complex problems that most people can't and found the solutions. I think that was the benefits of the Introvert and Intuitive trait. Accounting has a wide variety of career paths that you'll find rewarding. Auditing is a field that often requires travel, and that may fit in your wish of living or working in another country. If you focus and excel in what you do, you will be financially very well-rewarded. Let that be your objective of finding a career and choosing your first job.

If you find this helpful, I'll hug you.

philosophyofmillennials says...

Good afternoon, I am 22 years old coming on 23 in the next 3 months. I dropped out of college, have a few medical issues that I fight through everyday (Neurological/Psychological) and am an INTJ. I find it hard to focus because my interest for such a wide variety of subjects (in the science field) do not allow me to stay on track. Ideas for almost anything strike me at any given time, I will be up for hours upon end thinking of all the rational outcomes of different theories of multiple systematic situations and I enjoy the real time puzzle solving that I create on my own. I need help finding a job to put this to practical use... Thanks for reading.

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