I strongly disagree with your statement "It’s just that you need to be right. Like, all the time." Wrong - I want to be disproven so I can learn from my mistakes and to be shown where I was in error; assuming I was in error. Or at least discover another view point for consideration. I want to learn. I find myself the happiest when I'm learning; not being right all of the time. Being right all of the time is an absurdity. New data and a constant changing universe directly affects the outcome of the answer as well as the question.


Guest (not verified) says...

Totally agree with this. This is a common misperception of INTJs because we can be so argumentative. We're argumentative so we can figure out what is correct or to better understand, not so that we can be correct. Obviously this isn't true in all cases, but in more cases than not.

this guy (not verified) says...

totally  "all you care about it being right!" - actually I'd love it for someone to prove me wrong rather than lash out because you can't. my wife get's this and me and I'm more than happy to give her credit when she proves me wrong, it's rare but I'll do it.

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