It would be interesting to know what personality types clash with each other and thrive with each other. This would maybe help understand why our friend are our friends and lovers are our lovers.


liana.dotson says...

I finally got my best friend to take the mbti test and she came up as ISFP.

We've been friends since pre-teen age and when we met (at a mutual friends sleep over) I found myself drawn to talking with her or hanging out with her more than the other girls, she was very shy and insecure (still insecure, even though she doesnt carry herself like it).
Her gift is with animals, she loves them more than people and they seriously love her.

We dont have the same taste in guys, fashion, and especially music, our similarities or things that make us thrive together is our emotions and what we want out of relationships. I guess thats the I and F?

We dont fight, we just dont. If we ever have a disagreement on something thats usually how it remained; an agreement that we dont agree on something (makes me wonder why more differences in our world couldnt be celebrated?). (music for instance lol) with little or no sweat off of either of our backs. We both know we love and care about each other too much to let our ego's get in the way (which, by the way are very small- i feel due to our Introvert. XD)

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