I always wonder, am I the only one  who gets fired from medical offices working as a receptionist after a month, or are there people INFP who have the same problem as me?

Honestly, I think all my job's have given me phobias of working. I am sure there is a name for that phobia. I try hard to keep a job, but for some reason all my managers told me that I make to much small stupid mistakes, or that I don't seem responsible, because I have to always wait for someone to tell me what to do instead of figuring it out on my own like any responsible person would. I wonder if anyone faced the same problem. How did you deal with it? I am 28 and can't get a steady job. I am trying to get a degree now as Radiologist Technologist, but its not going to be so soon.


Greg M (not verified) says...

I am 55, INFP-T, and I have never been able to hold down a job for long and it isn't getting any better. I too make small errors at work and have been accused of not taking initiative or expecting people "to hold my hand". I usually quit before it gets to the point of getting fired. I did find an "out" - a little side occupation that allows me to work alone which I seem to do fine at - I just have to find a way to make it full-time. I think it makes sense that people like us would have a hard time on any traditional worksite because of the low percentage of the population we make up - those places just aren't designed for us. I think when INFP's choose jobs or career paths they really have to take into account the setting itself and how many people they are going to be working with our around. I have simply given up on working with others. Good luck - you're young so you have a lot of time.

Alexa B (not verified) says...

I share your experiences, and your work-phobia.  I am 53 and have been fired from (or had to leave) many a job as I was perceived as being spacey, or careless, or clueless, or whatever a boss or coworker decided to think about me.  I have never understood why I am perceived this way as I really do care about doing a good job and being helpful to the people around me.  I have enormous empathy for my bosses' situations and the weight they carry on their shoulders everyday.  And I am NOT stupid!

The best job I every had was a customer service type of job where I did a lot of sales support.  I worked via phone with sales reps who sold the product that my company produced.  I understood the industry, and the challenges they face, and could help them considerably.  I talked to the same reps for years, and could have some fun with them in our conversations.  Oddly, when I would meet them in person, they always seemed sort of shocked, or surprised.  I clearly don't look like the person they were picturing on the phone.  The thing that really made this job great, though, was my manager.  She would check my paperwork and let me know when I made a mistake, so I could see my blind-spots.  She was kind, and really had my back.  I worked there for 5 years, and then the recession hit. 

I have been out of the workforce since then, and am just now trying to go back to work.... and that work-phobia is kicking into high gear!  Totally dreading getting a job.

Thank you for sharing your experiences so that I don't feel like there is something wrong with me. 

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