I scored borderline on everything but Introvert, but the types I identify with the most are INFP and ISTP. I find this interesting because it seems like they are clashing personality types but I relate to both of them. So I was wondering if there are any other INFP-ISTPs, or anyone else who identifies with what they think are opposing personality types.


lainiwaku (not verified) says...

i actually feel the same and that's what lead me here lol
i feel like INFP-ISTP are describing as opposite, but feel like the two
i mean i think i'm logical and believe in facts (ISTP)
but i'm kinda a dreamer, thinking imaginating too (INFP)
i'm clearly IxxP but i don't see how NF/ST can be opposite
you can gather information by both sense and intuition
and you can take descision by both feeling and thinking

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