Hi guys! i am going crazy with my beloved estj boyfriend... it´s being difficult to share our time together and now he is abroad in an other continent , feeling the same as he is in the moon, i don´t know how to get to him with the rigth words so he can understand how meaningful (and decisive to our relationship) is that we can keep the communication, even is like 3 min or just to say hello,

any ideas ( and yes i already said to him in this words: please i need you to write to me some words so i can feel your presence in my life, worked but then ... he stray of to his planning)

ok, i just posted this into the estj fórum, hoping for some advice from his type point of view :)


Gabby (not verified) says...

(I'm an INFP, here's my advice!) It would help to know what type you are (I'm assuming INFP, so I'll give advice accordingly), but you have to remember that ESTJs are very headstrong! They love being right, they have a tendency to interrupt when someone else is talking... they're stereotypically very rude. When communicating, I think you have to make sure that you're getting everything they say. Acknowledge that you feel how angry/sad/passionate they are about something. Talk about the things that he loves, he will eventually catch on and you will have a deep conversation! ESTJs aren't dumb--remember that! They have a low tolerance for incompetence. Put yourself in his shoes a lot. Maybe find out his love language! (Google it!)

I hope this helps! Best of luck :)

Mindbodymarcus says...

I am an ENTJ with an INFP girlfriend and we do great! We've been together for 5 years. I do know that she absolutely hates ESTJ types though, they always want to be in control and she can't handle it. I'm curious about your relationship

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