Hi my fellow infp friends,

I m at this point in life where I dont understand what career to choose and have problems confinding to anyone, from this post I hope to reach out to others having such troubles so we can talk and know each others story and feel better to make a decision ourselves. 

I will start-

I am a 23 years old female from India. Currently in USA, in not the best schools, I am currentlt loking for other schools to transfer. But everytime I try to choose something I am confused again. Sometimes I want to leave the acedemia and go back to india and learn yoga and teach yoga instead. All I want in my life is to make my aura such that whomever happens to be in contact with it, they feel better. I do believe every person have a wave around them.


Looking forward to your story too :)




dbum2000 (not verified) says...

Hey fellow INFP.  Sounds like yoga is the calling.  Why not go for it?

Di- says...

I’m at INFP too - I can only say make a list of pros and cons.. and see how it looks on paper. Sometimes taking the thoughts out of our heads  and placing them on paper gives us a clearer view of our goal. No one can tell you what to do- but in the end,it’s what is going to make YOU happy. Sometimes it takes time- a life change doesn’t have to be made quickly and not should it. Secondly, why can’t you give yourself two options? Why one? Just my thoughts based on the little I know.. 

Di- says...

PS sorry about spelling errors.. ?

Virtue (not verified) says...

I believe you would be happy teaching yoga, it sounds like you just need others to confirm the feeling inside of you. Trust your instincts and do not be afraid to be yourself.

Natalija (not verified) says...

Hi!  I can def relate to when you said "All I want in my life is to make my aura such that whomever happens to be in contact with it, they feel better. I do believe every person have a wave around them".  You put in words how I've been feeling and luckily there is a career path for doing that and yoga is one of them.  I don't prefer to talk to people in an effort to help them, I prefer to allow myself to be in their space and I've gotten some amazing feedback.

Give it a shot, what do you have to lose?  What are your fears?

aisling (not verified) says...

Hey there, 

I have to say, I am an INFP, and based on what you have explained, and your age, I think yoga would be such a fulfilling choice. A few years ago, I used to attend yoga, and had the most beautiful yoga teacher, she was so clever, and did such amazing and touching meditation sessions at the end of each class. What an amazing gift to have, to create peace. Just her voice, and her grace with the class members was enough to lift my mood entirely. 

If it is truely what you want to do, then that's all that matters, your passion will make you a success... afterall, nobody can learn passion. 


Good luck Shruti !!!! 

Melonie (not verified) says...

As a fellow infp i find that i need a job that serves. Something helpful. And i'ld like a career with a greater purpose. Like green energy.

Hope this helps :-) , good luck

conneyf says...

Hi Shruti,

I believe that in your heart, you've already made a decision. Although it's very natural for INFPs like us to weigh the pros and cons every so often. >_<

I think it would help to ask yourself why you want a certain thing. When we know the reason behind our decisions, it makes the burden of decision making a little lighter. :)


Hope this helps :)

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