so i am an INFP, and its suggest that INFP's are great with artistic career or design. but i am an IT student. all i know are programming and coding languages. but honestly i don't like them that much now , may be if i am learning a new thing, i would get interested then lost it. so what should i do? learn design or remain in it development?


Guest (not verified) says...

Obviously you'll have to make that call, here's my story for reflection.

I am also an INFP. I've spent the last 5 years in a very conventional finance job, before that I worked in more creative fields and lived more non-conventionally. I've learned a lot working in a more "practical" career, but looking to leave it now because it is painfully obvious to myself and others that it just isn't what I want to do. My job as a sales manager just doesn't align with my values (INFP values, like creativity, possibilities, service to others) and I feel like I'm wasting my life away.

gabsterthejoy1513 says...

I'm an INFP, and my motto is do what you love, love what you do. Do something your passionately convicted about! Don't stop looking for that something until you found it. I do calligraphy and I write poetry, and I love both so much I know it's what I want to be doing the rest of my life! When INFPs find something that all their values align with, we have the power to inspire people and make wonderful things happen!

C (not verified) says...

Only you can decide if you like code or not. Just because you are an INFP doesn't mean you can't like subjects like IT. I definitely have some obscure interests that most INFPs would be bored to death about.
It's cool to know some sort of technical subject like IT because later on down the road you might be able to use it for something else, something more creative - for example, if you know how to build a website, maybe when you start your own creative design business, you can use your skills to create a website for your business. Using your technical skills in a creative manner will keep you excited about them.

Guest (not verified) says...

It is up to us to decide what we want. But when taking this decision, try to follow your heart. It is better to be able to do what you want rather than waste your energy. You can try doing something artistic or creative alongside, and see what suits you better. But in the end try to follow what you want. There is always time to change.

beyonce (not verified) says...

Honestly (in no way, shape, or form am I even suggesting I know anything about you, but this is just my contribution), to be cliche, do what you want, man. Although, going back to what I wrote in parentheses, maybe you're a line in the sand between F and T..???????? Obviously, I don't know that, I'm just going by one of my good friends, who's INTP and jfc he is so into coding, it's ridiculous. He spends all his time on making computers, tearing them down and building them back up, making video games, websites, whatever. He's in LOVE with coding, and anything even relatively close to the topic of computers, that boy is obsessed.

So I'm not saying JUST BECAUSE YOU'RE INTO COMPUTERS, YOU'RE TOTALLY NOT INFP YOU'RE DEFINITELY INTP BECAUSE I KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU AND EVERYTHING YOU LIKE AND I TOTALLY KNOW YOU BETTER THAN YOU YOURSELF DO, I'm just saying maybe because he is, and the types are kinda sorta somewhat similar, you could maybe possibly be INTP or INXP?? Where you're just kinda both, in the middle between F and T. idk, I'm just going off my own experiences.

If you're definitely 1000000000000000% INFP, I completely and sincerely apologize if you got the impression I was trying to tell you what's what and that you should listen to me.

Personally, just throwing this out there about my own career choice, since others are, I want to be a kindergarten teacher, and it's the first career I've felt 438975394857% okay with, all the way. William, my INTP bestie though, can't stand kids and says he'd get in trouble for bodyslamming them.


It's cool tho

beyonce (not verified) says...

I just reread your thing and I see now that you're no longer interested in IT things and wow I've never felt like my comments were more irrelevant and I don't know how I missed that the first time around because I usually reread things like 27 times I apologize.

Well, you could always go on Wikipedia and hop around to different subjects and see what you like? It never hurts to expand your horizons and see if you can discover a previously unknown interest of yours. <3

Tee (not verified) says...

Maybe you can combine your IT skills with the things you do for fun in your spare time. Like creating a cool app for gamers or something. All of your life experiences connect to your purpose in some way.

Guest (not verified) says...

Hi, I also am an IT student and got the same problem. I first enjoyed coding, because it was interesting to learn something new. But now I see other students that really love to code and do it in their spare time (!), and I just like the things around it (like brainstorming, teamwork and customer contact). Coding also feels a bit meaningless for me and I'm afraid it will be worse.

But for now I stick to this study and will see if there's something interesting around IT, like UX or consulting. For example, I really like to solve IT problems for people.

I wish you good luck and hope you'll leave a reply!

Anu (not verified) says...

I never liked IT but got into it because of family circumstances. I was more inclined towards designing- like fashion designing, illustration, things related to these.. But, after almost being around for 2 years in IT and not growing much and being told by my superiors that my juniors are better than me *weeps*, I have decided to quit. I am sticking to the job only because I want to get nice things for my two doggies. :(

But, anyways, I have decided. Money is not important. I am going to quit and explore other options. :) But, if I think of something that interests me, I don't go out there and do it :( I keep thinking about it, writing about it, planning about it and having an 'aha! this is it' moment and then finally abandoning the idea entirely. X(

But, I believe, you should try going for it. Get into designing. :) I am writing an exam coming December to get into a design school. If I pass, I would be the happiest person on earth. I know that I want this more than anything. So I think you should also ask yourself- What do you want more than anything? Can IT let you grow and be yourself without putting a façade? Or somewhere deep inside you feel this is not meant to be and want to explore other areas? ^_^

Guest (not verified) says...


For me, being an INFP explains a lot about my career chioces. As a child, I wanted to be a singer. I never liked school that much, but i liked music, biology or psychology centred subjects. Before I went to highschool it came to my mind how cool would it be if I became a programmer as a girl. I admired IT guys, loved movies about hackers etc. It seemed so interesting and so much fun! So I applied to an IT spec. class. It was okay, but didn't made me as excited as I imagined of course. Just before I finished highschool I realised, that programming and IT bores me and I'm not good enough in it to build a career on that. I still loved biology, so I decided to apply to medical laboratory analysis. I imagened myself as a scientist who will find cures for deseases, vaccines for viruses, antibiotics etc. Again, this career sounded interesting. And again, just before I finished dhe school I realized that it's hard to get a good job like that if you are not an MD and working in a hospital laboratory with all that routine just bored me. I wanted more. During my studies chemistry suddenly started to interest me, so I decided to apply for master course in chemistry. I choosed this career because it seemed interesting (again). I finished my studies there, than I got a job as an HPLC analyst at a pharma company. This was a job I actually choosed! I wanted this at that time and I was lucky enough to get it! Now I'm working there for almost 3 years now. The first year was exiting, challanging, I learnd so much (yeah, I enjoy learning when it is actually useful, not like in school). The second was great again because I could finaly engage in method developement and I love that! But in this third year I feel bored and annoyed again. I was able to get into some R&D projects as a supporting analyst and I had some great ideas and solutions. That was when I finally realised: I want to move forward to R&D becouse it seems that only challanges can keep me occupied and happy as a worker. I'm the happier when I'm able to solve a difficult problem noone else was able to. Now that I know I'm an INFP I finally understad why can't I just settle for my current position and learn to love it again. I hope that developing will be my final job one day.

My advice to you is to stick with a general field and find the most challanging area in that field. I think programming is a very time consuming, boring process but if the final product will worth the work, maybe you will be happy that you made that, you was able to pull it off. If you feel it won't make you happy than try to look for something else but stick to development or some creative field because those are the things which are the least boring of all.

Best of luck to all of you guys!

Seun (not verified) says...

I think you should focus on learning front end web development especially UI/UX design, this way you can combine your competencies in both design and programming and use this to create better solutions than core programmers.

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