Many similar questions may have been discussed on the forum before but I just feel the need to post mine regardless..

I have been dating with my ENTP boyfriend for half year - I know not typically long. We pretty much have been staying together in the same flat for most of the time with no problems at all. Two months ago he told me he has to move to a big city soon for his new career and we had a pretty deep but logical conversation. He recognised he actually do love me but we both understand that it's better for us to separate for now since I'm still a uni student and he's not, tho we still haven't ended our relationship.

Friends have always been a huge part in his life and I appreciate. However it upset me that he could just totally ignore my messages when he's in his friends place. He would go on to Messenger and reply all his friend group messages but read and not answering mine. As an INFP person, I feel like this emotion almost devours me, especially we are now apart. I don't know how can I tell him my feeling because I don't want to be needy in anyway, plus I'm not even sure if I have the right or position to say this anymore since we suppose to end our relationship this month or next.

Can anyone tell me am I just overthink that he doesn't care about me anymore or I should actually stop justify it because he really doesn't care? Personally I can't give myself an sensible yet logical answer anymore. Thank you!


liquidpixels says...

Hi, firstly, sorry to hear that you're going through this, it's not a nice situation to be living by any means.

Sadly, I dont feel you're overthinking. You have every right to be thought of and responded to 'while he's with friends' this should have zero effect on his feelings for you. There is no reason why you should have to justify his behaviour with anything but "distant and cold" if you've made your feelings aware to him, talked it through and he still doesn't make you feel needed when you need to, then I'd say move on.

You have your life to expereince and each day wasted hoping he will share his life with you, is a day you're missing new opportunities.

The prospect of moving on may seem dark at the moment you can't see the street lights util you get out the alley. Let yourself be free of that worry. Start to look forward and elsewhere and feel positive about it. We ALL deserve it.

I hope you can find the strength to give this a good, healhty go.

Take care, let us know how you travel.

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