My names Aaron and have read many of the wonderful articles in Truity.

For many years I’ve had recurring interests in certain careers that have interested me. Although it seems I show an interest and start doing research and making plans, but with all this energy and excitement involved, I suddenly find something else of interest to look into.

I’ve obviously researched a lot and I can only do so much research and never take action.

Also, I read the article about 5 Careers for INFPs Who Want to Earn a Healthy Salary; I saw the article mentioned Architect, which is one of my interests, but when I was very young I never showed any signs of any interest in Architecture.

Any insights would be great.




Molly Owens says...

I'm not sure if this is the answer you're looking for, but I don't think your problem is about finding the right career path. I think it's actually about making a decision, and more specifically, about making a plan to make a decision.

All of the careers you've mentioned have potential to be satisfying to an INFP. I think they're all really solid ideas, which you probably already know from having researched them extensively.

The issue at this point is not that you don't have good ideas, but that you keep researching and not moving forward.

So if you're serious about wanting to pursue a new career path (or a first career path? I don't know where you are at this point) then what you need to do is make yourself a plan for deciding on your career.

First decide how long you are going to stay in initial research mode. Maybe 1-2 months would be reasonable. Look up everything you can find about education, salary, job outlook, potential opportunities (what kinds of jobs would you actually be able to get?), all the practicalities. Put this info in a spreadsheet so you can compare for different careers.

Then pick 2-3 careers based on your initial research and go further. Find people in those careers and ask them about what they love and hate. Find the trade magazines for those careers and read about what's happening in the industry. If there are particular companies that hire people in those careers in your area, read up about those companies.

Spend maybe another month doing the above and then your next task is to pick something and do what you need to do to get started, whether that means applying for school, signing up for an online class, or whatever. If you're not able to pick something at that point, you have something else holding you back, and you may benefit from working with a career counselor or coach who can help you figure out what's keeping you from moving forward.

I hope that's helpful and look forward to other INFPs chiming in with their advice and thoughts!

Guest (not verified) says...

This was really helpful advice! Thanks so much x

lexie.white says...

Wow, this really speaks to me on a lot of levels because I'm facing a time in my life in which I really need to start narrowing down my own interests and stick to one thing that I'll make into an actual career. My main interests consist but are not limited to creative writing, philosophy, journalism, history, psychology, anthropology, archeology, literature, the list goes on....
I think the reason why most NPs have difficulty locking down on just one thing they want to pursue it their extraverted intuition, which essentially allows the users to see a whole world of potentialities that are appealing and attractive, therefore making it hard to pick just one from the endless bounty of possibilities. I sure find that I am one of the least decisive people on the planet and it can be really frustrating for me, and I actually derive a lot of stress from it. However I think you should just go with what your heart tells you - after all, INFPs are well known for their passion and morality, and staying to true to themselves. Most INFPs are incredibly in touch with their feelings and emotions, so go with what your gut is telling you. Follow your heart, and I'm sure you'll find that everything will work out!!


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