I am an INFJ who came into this world with three learning disabilities: dyslexia, ADHD, and bipolar one disorder. I was born in the 1940's when little was know about these learning disabilities by either the medical or educational community. Consequently, I had to figure out what was "actually" wrong with me and how to effective deal with it. I was strongly motivated to find that out because of how educators, fellow students, and my family perceived me and treated me, which was very painful.

I have always been curious to learn about other INFJ and INFP's who have learning disabilities and what they experienced.


Guest (not verified) says...

Male INFJ here. Am being diagnosed with ADHD

eaglerising2 says...

How old are you? Why are you being diagnosed with ADHD? In other words, what prompted you to be tested?

jo38 (not verified) says...

I have ADD. Very scatterbrained and spacey. I also am easily overstimulated. When there is too much light and noise, it feels like my brain wants to close in on itself. People who don't know me and see me in a crowd probably think I am developmentally challenged or sometimes just really grumpy and unfriendly. People who do know me well have learned not to underestimate me, and they know that if I don't say Hi it isn't because I am mad at them, I probably just did not see them!

David Zimmer (not verified) says...

It sounds like you have more than just ADD. You might want to get tested.

Many who have ADD also have other disabilities. In addition to ADD, I have dyslexia and bipolar disorder


Sharon (not verified) says...

Hello, I'm an Italian INFJ ADD and dislexic. I'm finding working in a big corporate office as an Architect is  hell each day. I get overwhelmed by the people and altough I know I'm talented I feel like I'm stupid becaose of the dislexia. Just wondred if anybody deals with work in a special way or has some tips on career paths that would be better suited for us?


Mélanie (not verified) says...


I am INFJ , Bipolar and ADHD.

Would love to exchange with somebody who share the 3 as well .


Brad33 (not verified) says...

I am an INFJ with bipolar 1, ADHD, and possible dyscalculia thinking about going to school for psychology. Any thoughts on the challenges I might face?

Aubrey Smith (not verified) says...

Female, 21, infj. I've got Dyslexia, ADHD, generalized anxiety, and major depressive disorder.  I'm a hot mess still trying to figure things out. 

Call me Euphoria (not verified) says...

Hi, I'm an infj, had dyslexia. My middle school was a nightmare

I love literature but also have issues with formation of sentences.

I had alot of issues. I was very temperamental also emotional. I still managed to do my masters. And there are times i forget almost everything i studied and if someone askes me something. I know the answer but cannot answer. I run out of words. Even due to the priorities imbalance and zero alike, i left my previous job which was not group orientated. Rather a mirage for me. And i died every day from inside.

So this affected me alot. I now just straight away botch about the people. 


So if i dont feel like home i cannot work. But also i want to work.


I short i still face problem in reading. I have to do it over and over again.


People make fun of me, call me i don't know anything or i am stupid and dumb. Which is why i keep my feelings and talk for my family. And a friend


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