Hey, I'm an INFJ and during the summer at work we studied MBIT and all. Fast forward through the summer, an ENFP took interest in me. We had been friends for a while, on and off type deal. It was rumored from trusted friends that he had liked me on and off, but honestly he had been in and out of so many relationships. Like a lot. I even met my best friend through him, because he had dated her and introduced us. Also, my whole friend group was brought together because of our hatred for his emotional indecisiveness and player attitude. (He had expressed interest in 4/5ths of our group and had dated mutual friends.) He had left the country for a while and "grown up", but I was skeptical. Honestly, even if he had changed, I'm not sure I would be ok with a relationship with him. There are so many problems with him in the past but I studied his past relationships and they all seem so erratic while ours seems more stable with thought. We are even waiting till May until I graduate to date (he would never usually think through things and wait to see how he really felt.) Anyways, my friend told me she was chill with us dating but I don't feel right about doing that to her even if it has been 2 years since. And I feel that my friend group would flip. But I love talking to him, hanging out and just having deep conversations.

ENFPs and fellow INFJs what is your take on this whole situation.

Would you say you dated around a lot, and when did you decide to settle down with someone, how would they know? What actions should I look for when reading him?

Should I give him a chance even though I might just be another girl down on his list of girls dated?

I'm afraid I may be to traditional for him. And I'm afraid I would have to surpass the expectations set by his last girlfriends.

PS. If he finds this blog...... Hey, LOL well this is awkward. Text me.

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