How did the 1%, number come about? Who counted those with the infj personality type as only one percent of the population, and how was this calculation brought about ?  Have  subsequent calculations been formed to account for population growth,  or is it just a theory to make us INFJs feel good? 


Rob says...

I suspect it's calculated like all statistics. You take a sample population, run a test, and then scale up the results to that of 7 billion people.

Take this website for example. They will have their own statistics based on all the people who have taken the tests with them, perhaps if Truity did some statistical analysis and released their research it might either confirm the 1-3% of the world being INFJ or might debunk it. But then you need to question the sample they work from. INFJ is more likely to be the type of person taking personality tests then certain other types, so really your sample is bias.  We can only work with what we have.

It could well be that the popular concept of the world being1-3% INFJ is based only on statistics gathered in America, which happens to be one of the most extroverted countries in the world dues to the type of people who migrated there and murdered all the locals and stole their lands. So what is 1-3% in America could be a higher % for the rest of the world.

Gracie (not verified) says...

Hello 😊

Recently, found out I'm an INFJ.

So grateful to have been brought to your forum.

Take good care, Gracie

All my life I have felt like I don't fit in. I have read that other INFJ people often feel that way.  Thank you!

Elrond Half-Elven says...

Again, these stats are based on polls run by various companies, and they can only take a voluntary sample. I suspect that there are more INFJs than most stats show, however, because INFJs (among other types) are less likely to resond to polls. So while there are probably more INFJs (and INTJs) than are known, they are still a fairly rare type.

megus (not verified) says...

Statistics are not facts - you should always be skeptical, even if the best of research practices were used. I have to say, though, the idea that we are simply scarce doesn't make me "feel good." I don't say that to criticize, just to share. I've always felt misunderstood, even by the people I'm closest to. This site and others have told me that finding a partner with whom I'm satisfied will be difficult. I think we're a lonely bunch. Not inevitably, but I do think self-actualization and connection are uniquely difficult for us to achieve. Perhaps I'm presuming too quickly that my experiences are common for the personality type. As a side note, I used to be ISFJ... not sure how much that would affect my experiences.

Guillaume de Warenne (not verified) says...

You take a random sample of 100 people. You get them to complete the test. The number of people out of the sample of 100 who produce an INFJ result gives the percentage. You repeat the test with a different random sample of 100 people. Repeat the test a third time, a fourth time, with different random samples of 100 people each time. If 1-3 of each of the groups of 100 produce an INFJ result, you can conclude this represents the population at large. Let’s not over-complicate what isn’t hard. Let’s choose instead to progress.

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