I'm looking for any and all feedback on my situation and what careers/fields of study might fit best within the INFJ parameters.
In terms of the four traits I'm strongly I, N, and J but not a very strong F.  I lean more that direction in terms of being nurturing and empathetic (very!), but value logic and empirical evidence much more than most F types, in my experience.  My previous education is a bachelor's in social work, minor in English comp, and for some reason I became certified as a phlebotomist and laboratory technician which I was good at but terribly bored, unfortunately.

I have PTSD (physical, severe emotional, verbal abuse), ADD, and anxiety.  I don't work well in groups, even more so than most INFJ's.  Most people annoy me or fail to meet my expectations, as coworkers.  I'm much more patient with people I'm working for versus with.  Like most INFJ's, I'm extremely sensitive. I want to be perfect and if I'm not it's very upsetting.  I tend to need reassurance with criticism.  I loathe conflict and drama and I don't want to deal with any of it at all. I've been known to spill my coffee or make my phone make noise so I can answer it and get out of an escalating conversation.  People who think quite a lot of themselves and/or enjoy making others feel inferior make me want to set myself on fire.

I'm very easily bored.  I cannot do a desk job with repetitive, detail-oriented tasks.  However, if my brain can be stimulated, I can be among the fastest learners. I'm a hard worker.  I don't half-ass anything; I'm very conscientious and want to meet expectations.  I won't call in sick if I'm not or slack off if I'm on the clock.  I'm a good writer and editor.

I see and am not surprised that INFJ's tend towards health care, counseling, and education.  A lot of those careers interest me, but I have deep reservations.  Is there a place for a demanding perfectionist with a caring heart and a brain on overdrive?  Suggestions welcome.. :)


INFJ1961 says...

Have you already selected the school you're going to attend?  Perhaps they have a guidance or career counselor on staff that could be of assistance.  In addition, there are numerous resources online linking personality type to career compatibility.  What deep reservations do you have about health care, counseling and eduction?  

INFJ1115 (not verified) says...

Hi, I also saw your post and even if the individual went to an advisor they do not do much help in providing the right amount of information that is needed. I would suggest something in the lines of computers maybe a slight programming. Or anything that involves being able to create while not continuing mundane work. If you look deeper into technology careers you may find something that you are looking for. Most of the time jobs just look for that extra certification in Google Analytics others like it.

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