I'm glad there's a place where I can Relate to other INFP's. Now, I have a qyestion. Does any other INFP feel like they never want to be alone? Like, if you are with a friend and then they have to turn away to go to a different place, you feel....worried? Not in the sense of something might happened to you, buy feel like you ate closed up? or that they left because of something you did?


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I'm an INFP, too! Isn't so refreshing just knowing there are others like you, with the same thought (or feeling, in our case ;)) processes as you?

I read your question and... I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND. For the longest time I have had a deathly fear of being left alone! Even when I'm in the grocery store with my sister (who is an ISTJ, practically incapable of wrapping her around this weakness of mine), I am always so scared when she runs off for a while leaving me with the cart full of groceries. I feel like I become vulnerable to a countless number of accidents or that I would mess up and she wouldn't be there I help me! It's almost crippled me, I feel like I've let this get to me on too many occasions and I've avoided opportunities that could've been really productive... all because I hate being alone. I don't like that feeling of being helpless. I hate feeling like people have left because I bore them or I'm not good enough!

I thought I was the only one, but I guess I'm not! :)

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One of the most admirable think about INFPs I think is that they're fiercely loyal and protective of those they love. However it's interesting for me to see other INFPs who love socializing and being around other people. I am kind of the opposite, and would rather stay home and read a book or watch Netflix than go out with friends. It's funny though, because I WANT my friends and people I care about to ask me to hang out with them and invite me to parties etc, however when I do get invited to these social events I usually turn them down. But then when I DON'T get invited I feel sad, dejected, and lonely. One of the INFP's biggest problems, at least for me! It's sad because people stopped inviting me to things because every time I was invited, I'd reject the offer! But I think I'm on the right path to fixing my hypocrisy... I hope!

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