My I N and P are very strong.  my T and F very marginal difference. I agree with the sites match personality because I know from past love that INFJ is SOOOO the match for me. so I'm going for the long shot that the one infj that might be searching for me too wil see this.  Relationship is such a wonderful thing- I gotta try. Peace, Andrea


Integrity Compassion says...

Hi Andrea,

My name is Nhat. I am an INFJ guy. I would like to have a chance to chat with you when you have a chance. Thank you.


Andrea Abbott (not verified) says...

That's funny, my long-term boyfriend is an INTP and I'm an INFJ, and MY name's Andrea too! Hah. Anyways, it's a great match, we've been together for 7 years, and I'm only 24. Good luck!

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